John Lewis DeMar, Sr

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DeMar Graves
        1. John Lewis DeMar [my 2x GGrandfather]
                b: 1828, Maryland
                m: abt. 1860
                lived: 1860 Pottsville North East Ward, Schuylkill, PA
                lived: 1863 Philadelphia, PA
                o: 1870 Carpenter, Philadelphia PA
                o: 1880 Hotel Keeper, Neosho Falls, Woodson, KS**
                lived: 1 mar 1885, Parsons, Labette, KS
                o: 1890 Carpenter (death certificate)
                d: 13 Dec 1897, 2328 N 31st Street Philadelphia, PA [married] (age 66)
                b: 17 Dec 1897, Newtown Cemetery

                              + Emilie Elizabeth German
                                  b: 1835 Newtown PA
                                  lived: 1880 Neosho Falls City, Woodson Co., KS
                                  d: 19 Feb 1904 Newtown PA (age 69)
                                  b: Newtown Cemetery, Bucks Co., PA

Children of John Lewis DeMar Sr and Emilie Elizabeth German

...............1.1 Benjamin Franklin DeMar [1857-1933] PA

...............1.2 Emilie E. DeMar [1860-?] PA

...............1.3 Evaline Estelle DeMar[1862-1959] Newtown, PA
........................+ Alexander John Pickering [1857-1927] Liscard, Eng. [my GGrandfather]
.........................1.3.1 Edith Evelyn Pickering [1884-968] Junction City KS
.........................1.3.2 Elizabeth (Bess) Catherine Pickering [1885-1967] Junction City KS
.........................1.3.3 Arthur John Pickering, Sr.[1888-1953] Junction City, KS
..................................+ Miriam Leah Myers
.........................1.3.4 William Harrison Pickering [1891-1963] KS
.........................1.3.5 Emily Friederica Pickering [1893-] Philadelphia PA
.........................1.3.6 Frances Louisa Pickering [1897-1979] Pa - Never Married

...............1.4 John Lewis DeMar, Jr. [1865-1900] PA Cartoonist
..................................+ 1 1893, Chloe B., b: 1866, Indiana
..................................+ 2 by 1920, Lucile, b:1865, Illinois

...............1.5 Edwin B. DeMar [1867-1920] PA

...............1.6 Alexander German DeMar [1869-1938] PA
                                   1920 – Philadelphia Co., PA
                                   Alexander DeMar, head, 50 Carpenter,
                                    Barbara, wife, 44, born PA (born 1876)

...............1.7 Caroline DeMar [1871-1963] PA

...............1.8 Alfred Lafayette DeMar [1877-1935] KS

**Situated along the Neosho River in northeast Woodson County, Neosho Falls is the oldest town in the county. A semi-ghost town today, this small town of less than 200 people, was once the county seat of Woodson County and described as the most important city in the area. The year 1870 was a busy one for Neosho Falls, as the town was incorporated, a bank was started by Isaac W. Dow, and the Union Pacific Railroad pushed through town, establishing a depot and a large storehouse in the southern part of the town. It later became the. That same year, the Falls House, the only hotel in town, was practically rebuilt and enlarged dramatically, and the first churches were built in the city.


Timeline for family of John L Demar

1828 Maryland
John Lewis DeMar, born
1860 —
Married Emilie German (age 32)
1857 Newtown, PA
— First child born: Benjamin Franklin
1862 Newtown, PA
— Third child born: Evaline Estelle DeMar [my GGrandmother)

1862 U.S. Civil War Union Soldier Records, Militia of 1862
Enlistment Date: 9 Dec 1862 (age 32)
Rank at enlistment: Private
State: Pennylvania / Survived War? Yes
Enlisted in Company E, Pennsylvania 7th Infantry Regiment on 12 Sept 1862.
Mustered out on 26 Sep 1862 at Harrisburg, PA

1863 Septennial Census, Philadelphia, PA — John L DeMar, Carpenter
1870 Newtown, Bucks Co., PA — John L DeMar (age 41)
1877 Neosha Falls, Woodson, KS — Last child born: Alfred Lafayette DeMar
1880 Neosha Falls, Woodson, KS John L DeMar (age 52)

The Parsons Weekly Sun (Parsons, KS) 21 Apr 1881
"John L. DeMar, of Neosho Falls, has leased the Southern Hotel of Mrs. M.E. Heifner for a term of three years. He takes possession the 15th of next month. The house is to be repainted and repapered throughout, and fitted up in firstclass style."

The Parsons Weekly Sun (Parsons, KS) 19 May 1881
"The Southern Hotel having passed into the hands of John L. DeMar, formerly of the Railroad Eating House of Neosho Falls, has been repainted and refurnished through and is not open to the public. Mr. DeMar is an experienced hotel man and has come here with the intention of keeping a good house, with the table supplied with everything the market affords and the rooms furnished with nice clean beds. A fair share of public patronage is solicited."

The Parsons Weekly Sun (Parsons, KS) 30 June 1881

"The Southern Hotel is enjoying a splendid run of patronage, and J. L. DeMar, mine host, is the right man in the right place, which accounts for the heavy patronage the house is having. DeMar personally sees to the comfort of every guest, and sets a table that no man can complain of."

The Parsons Weekly Sun (Parsons, KS) 1 December 1881
"John DeMar has resigned the position of nightcaller at the Pacific depot."

1885 1 March Census, Parsons, Labette Co., KS — J L Demar (age 56) - Hotel Keeper
1890 City Directory, Philadelphia — John L. DeMar, Carpenter, 2355 N 38th Street
1891 City Directory, Philadelphia — John L., DeMar, N 30th c Arizona

The Parsons Weekly Sun (Parsons, KS) 1 June 1893
Marriage Licenses: John L. DeMar, of Philadelphia, Pa., and Chloe B. McLane, of Oswego.

1897 Philadelphia [died] John L DeMar, Carpenter (age 66)

1885 1 March Census, Parsons, Labette Co., KS
J L Demar 56 - Hotel
E E Demar 48 - Wife
Emily E Demar 28
J L Demar 21 - Clerk
E B Demar 17
Alex Demar 15
C H DeMar 14
Affied DeMar 7

1890 City Directory, Philadelphia - Listings for DeMar
Edwin B., Carpenter, 2355 N 28th
Emily E. Grocer, 2355 N 285h
John L. Carpenter 2355 N 38th
John L., Jr. Lithographic 2355 N 28
Louisa E. Dressmaker 512 S 11th
Samuel T. Clerk 215 S 11th

1891 City Directory, Philadelphia - Listings for DeMar
Alexander, Carpenter, N 30th c arizona
Edwin B., Carpenter, N 30th c Arizona
John L., N 30th c Arizona
John L., Jr., Engraver, 30th n Arizona
Samuel T., Clerk 512 S. 11th

1860 Pottsville North East Ward, Schuylkill, PA

Name Rel. Age Born Occupation Where Born
John L DeMar Head 31 1829 Carpenter Maryland

1870 Newtown, Bucks Co., PA

Name Rel. Age Born Occupation Where Born
John L DeMar Head 41 1828 Carpenter Maryland
Emily E Wife 35 1836 Keeps House PA
Frank Son 13 1857   PA
Emily E Dau 11 1860   PA
Evaline E Dau 8 1863   PA
John L Son 6 1867   Pa
Edwin B Dau 3 1867   PA
Alexander Son 1 1869   PA
Margaret German Mother-in-law 76 1793   PA

1880 Neosha Falls, Woodson, KS

Name Rel. Age Born Occupation Where Born
John L DeMar Head 52 1828 Keeps Hotel Maryland
Emily E Wife 44 1836 Keeps House PA
Emily E Dau 20 1860   PA
Evaline E Dau 17 1863   PA
John L Son 13 1867   Pa
Alexander Son 11 1869   PA
Caroline Dau 9 1870   PA
Alfred Son 3 1877   KS
Census research by Connie Pickeirng Stover, March 2013


John De Mar
lived most of his life in Newtown, PA but moved his family to a "prarie" out west (possibly Kansas). His family is burried in Newtown Cemetary except his son John Jr. who is burried in West Laurel Hill Cemetary, Phila., PA.

John Lewis was an architect. He built houses in the Philadelphia area. He put a bid in for the building of City Hall but did not get the job. He said "one day there will be horseless carriages and this building will be in their way."

Research into death dates of the DeMars was done by Richard B. Tomlinson, Superinetendent of the Newtown Cemetery Assoc. 16 North Chancellor St. Newtown, PA 18940. He also took photos of the graves of the DeMars, Germans, and Pickering. April 2001.

From Margaret at (February 2003): In 2001, we compared notes about your John Lewis Demar. Latter Day Saints: NA film T9-0400, Page 222C

1880 CENSUS - Neosha Falls, Woodson, KS
John L. Demar self, m. 52 born Md. Hotel Keeper, parents both born in Md.
Emily E. Demar, wife 44 b. Pa Parents both born in Pa
Emily E. Demar dau. s. 20 born Pa
Evaline E. Demar dau. s. 17 born Pa
John L. Demar son s. 15, born Pa attending school
Edwin B. Demar son s 13 born Pa attending school
Alexander Demar son s, 11 born Pa attending school
Alfred Demar son s. 3 born Kansas

As I originally mentioned to you, my great grandfather had two brothers, William R. and Lewis, who left Md in 1848. We were always told that they were older brothers.

The census could have the incorrect age and John L., of course could be John LEWIS Demar and possibly could fit this family. And, perhaps Wm and Lewis moved from Aquasco, PG Co. to Baltimore at some point before moving out of Md. (You had mentioned your John might be from Baltimore.) I will have to check some earlier census records

William R. Demar's son by his first marriage (Lewis Henry) lived briefly in Kansas with his 2nd wife. He is buried in Olivet, Osage Co. Kansas. He had a son Alexander by his first wife....and then your John L. is obviously John that would be two names in common. Just a hunch. What do you think?

Hope that this helps.

1870 CENSUS -- Newtown Borough, Bucks Co., PA
John L. DeMar, 41, head, Carpenter, born MD
Emily E. DeMar, 35, keeps house, born PA
Frank DeMar, 13, PA
Emily E. DeMar, dau, 11, born PA
Evaline DeMar, dau, 8, born PA
John L. DeMar, Jr, son, 6, born PA
Edwin B. DeMar, son, 3, born PA
Alexander DeMar, son, 1, born PA
From: (Margaret ) Jan, 2001
We all descend from Thomas Demar 1632? (also listed in records as Damer, Dammer, Mar and Marr.