Pickering Silver Chalice


A beautiful silver chalice was handed down through Alexander John to his son William Harrison Pickering, who was born in Junction City, KS and lived a good deal of his life in Sommerville, NJ. After his death in 1963 the cup was handed down to his only child, where it remains today.

These photos were taken in the early 1960's by Connie Pickering (neice) before William died. She also sketched the hallmarks and crest found on one side of the cup.


The Hallmarks have not been positively identified but it is probable that the maker of the cup was a well-known London silversmith, William Hunter. If the dating is correct, this cup was created about 1862. More investigation is needed to firmly identify the silversmith.

On the opposite side of the crest is an elaborate monogram of Charles William Harrison Pickering - CWHP [1815 - 1881]. He was a wealthy merchant banker whose business was based in Liverpool.

Pickering cup

Pickering Cup