William and Peter Pickering married

Caroline and Emilie Steffens (respectively)

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At about age 32 in 1817, Peter Pickering writes in his JOURNAL of his association with the Steffens family:

"A few weeks after this had taken place, my Brother [William] returned from Danzig to Liverpool; and after having asked me, how I stood with Miss Hulley and I have explained the same to him; he said its well, and he rejoced it had been so; as he was authorized by Miss Emilie Steffens and her Parents to inform me if my wishes remained as the formerly were; there would now be no longer any difficulty made to our Union on my arrival in Danzig; as then our Nuptuals mine and Miss Emilie Steffens could take place, on the same Day as the Nuptuals, of the younger Daughter of Mr. Steffens with F... Colonell von Kamecke the Commandant of Danzig which was the wish of the Bride of Collonel von Kamecke Commandant of Danzig.

Colonel Von Kameke
Colonel von Kamecke
Commandant of Danzig

"In consiquence of this communication from Miss Steffens and her Parents, I immediately, departed from Liverpool and arrived in Danzig about the 1st March 1818 and was married to Miss Emilie Steffens on the 18th of April 1818."

... "I soon saw the drift of all the Collonels enquiries, and as soon as I had informed him; which I pointedly did, what had brought me to the Cambleton [England] and that my Brother [William] had married Miss Steffens oldest Daughter of one of the richest Merchants of Danzig; and that the youngest Daughter of Mr. Steffens, was betrothed to Collonel von Kamecke, the Commandant of Danzig; he, Collonel McFallester became more friendly towards me.