William Pickering [1678-1740]

(my direct ancestor)
b: Gorstich/Gorstage, Weaverham
d: 12 Jan 1740
Buried: St. Mary's Church, Weaverham
+ Mary Blackamore b: 1 Jan 1675, Crowton, Weaverham d: aft 1749
m: 18 May 1698 St Mary Church, Weaverham

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1687 - William was mentioned in the Will of his father dated March 19, 1687.

1698 - William married MARY BLACKAMORE on May 18, 1698 in St. Mary church, Weaverham. They were married by Licence. Earlier, from the Cheshire Marriage Act Book, we find for May 16, 1698: "Gulielmu Pickering de Cuddington yeoman and Maria Blackamore de Crowton spinster .... Samuel Pickering de Halton, Taylor."

Both Cuddington and Crowton are in Weaverham parish, Cheshire. Mary was born in Crowton and christened January 1, 1675 in St. Mary church, Weaverham. She was the daughter of Randle Blackamore and Mary Hale.

1711 - William was mentioned in the Will of his brother, Samuel Pickering of Aston, Cheshire, dated June 13, 1711. William recieved 1/3 part of Samuel Pickering’s Personal Estate.

1728 - On July 26, 1728, an Inventory of the Goods and Chattels of William Blackamore, yeoman Late of Crowton in the parish of Weaverham, was done and the Appraisors were Bernard Pickering, Wm Pickering, and John Bassnett.  Their signatures are on the document. In the Will of Hesther Blackmore (Blackamore), widow of Crowton, Weaverham parish, dated May 23, 1728, William Pickering of Cuddington and Thomas Gorst of Middlewich, Cheshire were appointed the Executors of the Will.  William Blackamore and Hesther Blackamore were the brother and sister-in-law of William Pickering’s wife.

1736 - But attached to the Will is a document dated February 15, 1736, in which, Thomas Gorst and William Pickering both renounce and disclaim the Executorship. Their signatures are on the document. It is most likely they gave up the executorship in favor of Joseph Blackamore, William Pickering’s nephew, who by 1736 was old enough to execute the Will.

1740 - William Pickering of Cuddington was buried January 12, 1740 at St. Mary church, Weaverham. He had a Will written and signed on January 3, 1740.  Mary Pickering Widow & John Pickering Clerke, the executors were sworn in on June 9, 1740.

The following were extracted from the Last Will and Testament of William Pickering:

"...I William Pickering of Cuddington ..... yeoman the third day of January .... one thousand seven hundred thirty Nine forty ..."

" my son William ..... my daughter Sarah ... my daughter Ester ... to Mary my wife "

" ... and benifit of all my Grand Children each to have share alike ... "

"And I do hereby Constitute and appoint My Son John and Mary my wife to be Executors of this my Last Will and testament ..."

The Witnesses of the Will were Hannah Stones, Charles Stones, and Saml [H]atton. The signature and seal of William Pickering is on the document.

St. Mary's Church and Graveyard and thatch cottage - Weaverham

Children of William Pickering and Mary Blackamore

1. Elizabeth Pickering b: 1 Apr 1699 St. Marys, Weaverham + Thomas Witter of Frodsham m: 15 Apr 1718
2. Maria (Mary) Pickering c: 20 Mar 1701, Cuddington, Weaverham
3. Judith Pickering c: 14 Nov 1703, St Mary, Weaverham + Thomas Breek, Schoolmaster Weaverham, m: 6 Nov 1734
4. John Pickering b: 2 Jul 1706 Cuddington, Weaverham + Mary Manwaring b: 1 Nov 1716 Gorstedge d: 1 Oct 1756 Weaverham
5. William Pickering c: 31 Mar 1709, St Mary, Weaverham (was alive in 1740)
6. Sarah Pickering c: 14 Feb 1713, St Mary, Weaverham + Isaac Newall m: 30 Jan 1740
7. Esther Pickering c: 10 Mar 1715, St Mary, Weaverham d: 4 Jun 1774, St Mary the Virgin Church + Thomas Wallworth m: 26 Jan 1777 Weaverham

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