1725 Aug 6— JOHN HARRISON of Barbados

Heirs and Executors for John of Norley
Wife: Elizabeth Grandchild: Mary Parsons
Niece: Dorothy Pickering Grandchild: Mary Pickering
Niece: Susanna Stoute Son: John Harrison
Son: Andrew Harrison Witness: John Pickering (son-in-law?)
Witness: William Pickering (brother-in-law?)    

Last Will & Testament, St. Phillip, dated 17 August 1709

To my wife Elizabeth Harrison all my real estate with the use of my household stuff and two cows during her life. To my son Andrew Harrison after his mother's death one-half of my land and four slaves. I direct that Andrew shall help his brother John to build a house with the timber growing on his land and it shall be 30 feet long and 13 feet wide.

My grand-daughter, Mary Parsons
to be put to school for three years at the expense of my estate.

To my niece, Dorothy Pickering 20/-
To my grand-daughter Mary Pickering, 20/-.
To my niece, Susanna Stoute 40/-.
I appoint my sons John and Andrew Harrison executors. Sgd. John Harrison.
Witnesses: Joshua Gittena,
John Pickering [son-in-law?],
William Pickering [brother-in-law?]   -