Joseph was born in Gorstich (Gorstage), Weaverham parish, Cheshire.  Joseph was mentioned in the Will of his father dated March 19, 1687.

In the Will of Elizabeth Done of Cuddington, Weaverham parish, a widow, dated September 29, 1693 Bernard Pickering and Joseph Pickering were 2 of the 3 witnesses of the signing of the Will.  Their signatures are in the Will.

Joseph Pickering was mentioned in the Will of his brother, Samuel Pickering of Aston, Cheshire, dated June 13, 1711.

Joseph Pickering recieved Samuel Pickering’s "propriety of ye halfe estate I purchased from Thomas Mannering in great Buddeth Town". 

Joseph also recieved 1/3 part of Samuel Pickering’s Personal Estate.