1659- before 1711 - THOMAS PICKERING


Thomas was mentioned in the Will of his father John of Gorstage (1630-1688) dated March 19, 1687. He was not mentioned in the Will of his brother, Samuel Pickering of Aston, Cheshire, dated June 13, 1711. So it is possible that he has died before that date.

There are 2 entries in the Bishop transcripts of St. Mary church, Weaverham that probably involves this Thomas Pickering, "Elianora uxor Thoma Pickeringe de Gorstich" burial April 12, 1685 and "Thoma Pickeringe de Over" burial October 15, 1690.

And from the Cheshire Marriage Act Book, there is an entry of interest, Dec. Quinto 1685 Thomas Pickering de Waverham et Elizam Barker de Over vid.