Charles William Harrison Pickering of Wallasey

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Pickering Merchant Banker
Charles William Harrison
Pickering [1815-1881]
Charles William Harrison Pickering
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"Birkenhead and Cheshire Advertiser"

March 9 1881

Mr. Charles W. H. Pickering, J.P., died suddenly in London, from disease of the heart. He resided for many years at New Brighton and was a partner in the great banking and merchantile firm of Messrs. J. H. Schroder and Co.

He stood in the foremost rank of Liverpool merchants, and was held in the highest esteem on "Change, over which the news of his death cast quite a gloom. In his business capacity he was the embodiment of all the sterling qualities and virtues which have made the name of English merchant renowned and esteemed throughout the world. In private life he was always ready to assist in works of benevolence, and was continually performing deeds of unostentatious charity. He never took part in politics, but in his own sphere lived a life of usefulness having been engaged in commerce for something like forty years. He leaves a widow and several sons and daughters, who have the hearty sympathy of a wide circle of friends.

"Birkenhead and Cheshire Advertiser", Wednesday, March 12 1881

The remains of Mr. C. W. H. Pickering, whose demise took place on Tuesday week, were interred at Wallasey Church, on Tuesday in the presence of a great number of the deceased gentleman's relatives and friends. A large number of people living in the surrounding district assembled at the church to pay the last mark of respect to the deceased.

The chief mourners were as follows: -- First coach; Mr. E. H. Pickering and H. A. Pickering (sons).

Second coach: Dr. R. D. Harling and the Rev. A Myers (sons-in-law).

Third coach: Mr. F. J. Cheeseborough (newphew) and the Rev. W. M. Powley (brother-in-law).

Fourth coach: Dr. J. James (brother-in-law) and Mr. A. Dowson (nephew).

Fifth coach: Baron J. Henry W. Von Schroder and Baron W. Von Schroder.

Sixth coach: Mr. Morris Ranger, Mr. J. Servaes, and Mr. P. H. Chambres.

Seventh coach: Mr. R. Mitchell and Mr. G. Clapham.

Eighth coach: Mr. Fred North, Dr. W. Bell and Mr. W. H. Haynes.

Ninth coach: Mr. E. W. Coulborn and Mr. R. Coulborn.

Tenth coach: Mr. F. C. Calthrop and Mr. E. R. Calthrop.

Following these came the private carriages of Mr. Edward Harrison, Mr. Thomas Bouch, Mr. Fred Harrison, Mr. Harold Littledale, Major Chambres, Mr. Benjamin Darbyshire, Mr. R. B. Watson, Mr. Kerterd, Mr. J. Spence, Mrs. Penny, Mr. James Smith and Mr. Bristow Hughes. Amongst those present were Major Chambres, Mr. John Bouch, Mr. Lowry Mann, Mr. G. B. Kerferd, Mr. Richard Lowndes, Major Semple, Mr. W. J. Jacob, Mr. R. W. Preston, Mr. F. J. Harrison, Mr. Horbury, Mr. A. Lowndes, Mr. F. Cheeseborough, Mr. E. T. Wright, Mr. F. Wright, Mr. A. Hartley, Mr. W. Bentham, Mr. H. B. Hornby, Mr. T. Lee, Mr. P. Titherley, Mr. R. B. Watson, Mr. W. Colbourn, Mr. E. Colbourn, Mr. T. Colbourn, Mr. Edward Harrison, Mr. J. Spence, Mr. Burstall, the Rev. H. Palmer, the Rev. Chancellor Espin, Sir Thomas Edward Moss, Mr. Ross, Mr. A. C Kent, and Mr. B. Hay.

The officiating clergymen were the Rev. R. D. Fowell (Vicar of New Brighton) and the Rev. H. P. Linton of St. Paul's, Birkenhead. A detachment of the county police, under Inspector Roche, was drawn up outside the church. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. J. Roberts and Co., Argyle-street.