Descendants of Peter Pickering and Emilie Henriette Wilhelmine Steffens

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Marie Pauline Pickering

Danzig, Prussia — Melbourne, AU — Middleton, Ireland ___________________________________________________________________
   1.1 John William Robert Steffens Pickering
         b: 27 May 1819 Sankt Marien Kirche,Danzig Stadt, Westpreussen, Prussen
         d: 01 Jan 1822 [age 2]

   1.2 Marie Pauline Pickering
         b: 31 Aug 1820 Sankt Marien Kirche, Danzig Stadt, Westpreussen, Prussen
         d: 1901 [age 79]

   1.3. Carl Edgar Pickering
         b: 22 Feb 1822 Sankt Marien Kirche, Danzig Stadt, Westpreussen, Prussen
         m: 15 Aug 1853
         o: 1851 General Merchant
         d: 15 Aug 1863
              + Adelaide Frances Ann Walford

   1.4. Albert Wilhelm Pickering
         b: 12 Sep 1823 Muggau
         d: 1895 (age 72)
            + Rose Starke b: 31 Dec 1831 d: 1906 m: 28 Mar 1855

   1.5. Eugen Francis Pickering b: 19 Mar 1825 Muggau, near Danzig (age 70)
         d: 05 Feb 1895 Gross Semlin, near Danzig
                  + Margarete Doering b: 20 Jul 1844 Marienburg, West-Prussia
                           d: 03 Dec 1923 Berlin, Germany m: 08 Feb 1866

   1.6. Mathilde Emilie Pickering b: 1826
   1.7. Jola Friederike Pickering b: 1827
   1.8. Johanna Helene Pickering b: 1829
   1.9. Klara Henriette Pickering b: 1831 Danzig
   1.10. Hermann Walter Pickering b: 08 May 1833 Danzig d: 26 Dec 1870

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Maire was an excellent artist and quite a few of her sketches, watercolors, and drawing still exist.

Notes for Marie Pauline Pickering:
Two sketchbooks, 89 and 42 leaves with ~ 140 image-wise executed, some double-page pen and pencil drawings, this mostly watercolors, mostly titled and mostly dated, mainly seascapes and vistas of the island of Usedom Heringsdorf and Ahlbeck and resin scenery and views to Gdansk, sheet size up 24 x 16.5 cm, 1878-1885 4501 Many of the finely executed drawings showing views of the seaside resort Heringsdorf and Ahlbeck with palatial villas and beach games, the exact labels can be localized to the views and give an impression of this rare seaside resorts to frühwilheminischen time Marie Pauline Pickering was the second child of Mr and Mrs Peter Pickering (1785 - 1865) and Emilie Henriette Steffens (1794 - 1877), born Peter Pickering came from a distinguished English artist Dynasty and Emilie Henriette came from the significant and rich Danzig merchant family Steffens (Steffen house Gdansk), 1822 the family moved to the estate Müggau in Gdansk.