William Pickering & Caroline Amalie Friedrieke Steffens

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William Pickering and Caroline Steffens

William Pickering
b: 05 Oct 1782 Frodsham Beach, Bradley
c: 14 Nov 1782, Frodsham Parish
o: 1 Nov 1799 (age 17) sent to Danzig to purchase wheat
m: 16 Jul 1812 (age 30) in Danzig, Prussia [May 1814 father John died]
o: 1825 (age 43) Consul to Mecklenburg [Prussia], 14 Henry Street Liverpool, h Derby breck
o: 1851 (age 69) Merchant, Cotton Broker, Union Street, Liscard
d: 16 Feb 1855, (age 73) Liverpool
b: St. Hillary Churchyard, Wallasey

    + Caroline Amalie Friedrieke STEFFENS
    b: 01 Sep 1788 Danzig, Prussia
    o: 1861, Head of Household, St James, Magazine
    d: 16 Apr 1864 Wallasey (age 76)
    b: St. Hilary Churchyard, Wallasey

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1802 - Returned to England
[Ref: Pam Kirby, Nov 2004 notes]

1825 Liverpool - Sundry Information
Weekly Bulletin from one of our local Stationers, and in it I found a
list of Foreign Consuls in Liverpool which I thought might be of interest.
[Ref: Erla Angel, AU, Mar 2003 notes]

AMERICAN ~ James Maury, 3 Exchange Buildings.
DANISH ~ Peter Sorenson, 11 Gradwell Street.
FRENCH ~ Le Chevalier Francois Angrand, 5 Hope Street.
HANOVERIAN ~ Gualtherus Kolff, 69 Castle Street.
NETHERLANDS ~ Daniel Willink, 3 Goree Piazzas.
PORTUGUESE ~ Antonio Juliao Da Costa, 10 Goree Piazzas.
PRUSSIAN ~ J. M. Malonek, 30 Water Street.
RUSSIAN ~ Joseph Leigh, 8 Orford Street.
SICILIAN & SPANISH ~ L. H. J. Tonna, 1 High Street.
SWEDISH ~ Robert Williamson, 62 Hanover Street.
SWISS ~ Charles Imer, 7 Dale Street.
TURKISH ~ M. L. Mozley, 45 Bold Street

1830 - Breck Lane, Liverpool

"There are also three other dwellings, and three other gardens, on the east of the garden last named [ed. residence of Mr. Richardson]. They are pretty little hobby-horsical spots for the Liverpool cits [citizens] to spend their leisure time at in summer, when many an agreeable and merry tea-drinking party meets. These gardens are bounded on the east by two dwellings, with grounds attached; at the largest, and which is his property, resides William Pickering, Esq., Mecklenburgh Counsil, and a highly respectable corn-factor of Liverpool. Mr. Pickering is extensively connected with foreigh commerce, and is one of those truly useful persons who, when the laws will permit, imports corn into our ports — that absolutely necessary and veritable staff of life; he is also one of those who, if legislatords did not interfere, would, under the permission of Providence, never suffer family to pay even a transient visit to our (in most respects) highly favoured land. Excepting on locality 21, e, no other part of the south-east district of Everton has been yet submitted to the builder's operations."

Source: The history of Everton, including familiar dissertations on the people, and Descriptive Delineations of the several & separate properties of the Township. By Robert Syers, Liverpool, p188. Published by G. & J Robinson, 1830

1825 - Gore's Liverpool Directory
Pickering Wm. merchant, and Mecklenburg consul, 10 Henry St., Everton Brk
Ann Pickering, boarding house, 34 Upper Pitt St.
Pickering Brothers Merchants, 10 Henry St. John
Pickering, corn and flour dealer, 6 Dansie St., Shop: 21 St. Andrew St.
John Pickering, miller, grocer and flour dealer, 48 Adlington St.
Robert Pickering, Dock Treasurer

10 Henry Street Liverpool

1827 - Gore's Directory of Liverpool
William Pickering, Esq., 10 Henry Street, Mecklenburg Counsul
William Pickering, merchant and Mecklenburg Counsul, [home] Breck Lane, Everton Office, 11 Henry Street

Ann Pickering, 10 Chester St.
Pickering Brothers Merchants, 11 Henry Street
John Pickering, corn and flour dealer, 31 St. Andrews Street Shop, 10 Vauxhall Rd.
Robert Pickering, Treasurer to the Trustees of the Docks, Wavertree

Around the same time in Frodsham we found a 1834 Pigot's Commercial Directory listing other Pickering entrepreneurs. I don't believe the Williams listed below are the same as above.

William Pickering and Son had the principal trade in salt
William Hazlehurst and William Pickering were corn dealers
William Hayes and Co were shipbuilders
Hayes and Pickering were slate and timber merchants and Thomas Hazlehurst provided occational conveyance by water to and from Liverpool.

William Pickering Burial
Parish burial entry for St. Hillary, Wallasey, 1855

the cottage
In 1851, William (age 68) and Caroline Steffens Pickering lived at 177 The Cottage, Liscard, England with their children: Alfred Henry, James W., Eliza J, and servants. The Cottage was located on St Georges Mount, Wallasey adjacent to Montebello.

Montebello was built in 1860 by William's son, Charles William Harrison Pickering.

1841 Census - Liverpool Township of Everton, Breck Road
NameRelAgeBirth YearStatusOccupationBorn
William Pickering Head 55   Mar Merchant  
Eliza Pickering Dau 20        
Paulina Pickering Dau 20        
Caroline Pickering Wife 50        
Alfred Pickering Son 15        
Ann Thomas   25        
Maria Thomas   20        
Elizabeth Mathews   20        

1851 Census - Liscard, Saint John, The Cottage
NameRelAgeBirth YearStatusOccupationBorn
William Pickering Head 68 1783 Mar Merchant Frodsham Beach
Alfred Henry Son 25 1826 U Cotton Broker Liverpool Everton
James W. Son 23 1828 U Clerk in Father's Office Liverpool Everton
Eliza J. Dau 31 1820 U   Danzig Prussia
Fanny C. A. Wife 61 1790 Mar   Danzig Prussia
2 Servants            

Birth Locations for William Pickering and his siblings
1 Thomas Weaverham
2 Samuel Sutton Mills
3 Nancy Frodsham
4 Elizabeth Frodsham
5 Mary Frodsham
6 John Northwich
7 Sarah Fodsham
8 James Bradley
9 Joseph Bradley
10 William Bradley
11 Peter Aston Sutton