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Beech Mill Bradley Frodsham
Bradley Road

Children of John Pickering
and Mary Harrison
of Bradley

1. Thomas Pickering
      b:23 Aug 1765 Runcorn d: 1814
            + Margaret Horrabin
2. Samuel Pickering
    b: 8 Oct 1766 Sutton d: 16 Sep 1811
         + Alice Rigby
3. Ann "Nancey" Pickering
    b: 8 Oct 1768 Frodsham d: 1790
          + Samuel Moulsdale
4. Elizabeth Pickering
    b: 4 Apr 1770 Frodsham d: 1837
         + Samuel Moulsdale
5. Mary Pickering
    b: 29 Dec 1771 Frodsham d:1837
            + William Yarwood
6. John Pickering
    b: 19 Feb 1774 Northwich d: 1848 Philadelphia
         + Hannah Farrall
7. Sarah "Salley" Pickering
    b: 8 Feb 1778 Frodsahm d: 1804
         + Peter Rigby
8. James Pickering
    b: 8 Feb 1788 Bradley d: 1794 (age 16)
9. Joseph Pickering
    b: 26 Dec 1780 Bradley d: 1839
         + Ann "Nancy" Hayes
10. William Pickering
    b: 5 Oct 1782 Bradley d: 1855
         + Caroline Amalie Friedrieke Steffens

11. Peter Pickering
    b: 27 Jul 1785 Aston Sutton d: 1865
         + Emilie Henriette Wilhelmine Steffens

John Pickering [1744-1801]

Corn Merchant
b: 07 May 1744 Bradley [twin to Elizabeth]
c: 12 May 1744, St Mary, Weaverham
f: John Pickering of Crowton
m: 10 Jan 1765, St Mary, Weaverham
lived: Beach Mill, Bradley
o: Corn Dealer and Miller
d: 1801 (possibly) (age 57)
probate: 4 May 1814, Frodsham
      [intestate, sons Peter & William were
      executors of his estate]

b: St. Laurence, Frodsham

    + Mary Harrison
      b: 1741 Little Budworth, Cheshire
      d: 07 Nov 1807 (age 66)
      bur: 10 Nov 1807, Frodsham
      [? b: Little Budworth, St Peter's Churchyard, Tarporley, Cheshire]

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Father John Pickering, Witness.
Draft Sale of Pews P8/4/4 2 Sep. 1790
National Archives UK

"... John Pickering of Beach Mill in the Lordship of Frodsham, miller ..."

“As canals were developed and larger vessels were built the pattern of cheese warehousing and distribution changed. The Frodsham cheese warehouse was probably put to other uses, perhaps incorporated into the large new mill which John Pickering occupied at Sutton in the 1780’s for which he paid an annual rent of £340."

*From Dissertation by Peter E Swift: “The Port of Frodsham”, chapter 4, pg. 55

The diary of John's son, Peter Pickering, recounts his early life at the mill, as his father took over at the site, living in the warehouse while their own ‘Bridge House’ was being built.

The below is a bond of administration granted to Peter and William Pickering, so that they could administer their father’s estate; this indicates that John died without leaving a will, or at least none could be found.

The seals by Peter’s and William’s names are completely covered front and back, because the paper has become folded around and stuck over both seals; this must have happened when the wax was still fresh, and as a result only the outline can be seen through the back of the paper. No detail whatsoever is distinguishable, and unfortunately we cannot reveal the seal without causing damage to the document.

Report on Genealogical  Research from Cheshire Record Office, for Connie Pickering Stover, 6 Mar 2006

Death of John Pickering 1814

1815 May
From Bond of Administration

. . . "The condition of this obligation is such, at the above bounden Peter Pickering (1781-1865) one of lawful sons and one of the next of kin, no parent being living, and administrator of all and singular the goods, chattels, and credits of John Pickering (1744-1814), late of Beach, near Frodsham in the County of Chester in the Diocese of Chester, Corn Dealer, deceased . . . "
"  . . . The fourth day of March in the year 1815 Peter Pickering, within named took the usual oath of an administrator in common form, and further made oath that the personal Estates and Effects of his Father John Pickering deceased, did not amount to the sum of two hundred pounds. John Pickering died intestate in the month of May 1814 and the administrator was not in England at that time nor until about the middle of September 1814."