John Pickering and Mary Manwaring

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This is where our (confirmed) family begins ... with the records of my 4x Great Grandparents and the baptism of my 3x Great Grandfather, John.
Twins born to John of Crowton Bishop's Transcripts of Marriages, Parish of Weaverham. John Pickering and Mary Manwaring

Crowton house 1688
Crowton. Sandstone Tudor style Dwelling.
1688 on gable. Source:

Pickerings O the Boat is an estate located
on the river Weaver less than 2 miles north of
Crowton. Click here for the history of Pickering
in Crowton and a description and
photos of the Pickering estate taken in 2013.

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John (Joannos) Pickering of Crowton

b: 14 Nov 1693, of Crowton
c: 27 Nov 1693, Weaverham
m: 08 May 1743, St. Mary Church, Weaverham
d: 31 Mar 1749 (age 56)
        + Mary Manwaring

Children of John Pickering of Crowton
                    and Mary Manwaring

          c: 08 Aug 1742, Weaverham, Northwich
          d: 24 Jan 1743 [possible]

          Mary [possible]
          c: 18 Aug 1743, Weaverham
          d: 12 Sep 1743, Weaverham [possible]

          c: 12 May 1744, St Mary, Weaverham
                    [twin to John]
          d: 4 Nov 1759,Weaverham [possible]

          John Pickering
          b: 07 May 1744 Bradley
                  [twin to Elizabeth]
          c: 12 May 1744, St Mary, Weaverham
        + Mary Harrison, Bradley

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