Pickering Family Migrations

"It is an interesting fact that the northern counties, as in ancient times, continue to be the home of the name; for there are none mentioned in this work who hold land in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Hereford, Kent, Monmouth, Salop, Somerset, Surrey, Susses, Wilts, or Worcester." In Yorkshire, the ancient seat of the Pickering name it lists only 28 proprieters.

Source: The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. XLIX. pp. 369-370.

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1790 Gore Directory for Liverpool

Pickering Edward, merchant, St. John's lane, Haymarket
Pickering Mrs. Elizabeth, ditto
Pickering Henry, gent., 13, Hunter st.
Pickering John, victualler, 12, Ansdell st.
Pickering Jonathan, cooper, back of 8, Pall Mall
Pickering Joseph, plaisterer, 7, Croston's court, Cunliffe st.

1824 - Baines Directory for Liverpool
Pickering Alice, boarding house, 11, Ward st.
Pickering Ann, boarding house, 34, Upper Pitt st.
Pickering Brothers, merchants, 14, Henry st.
Pickering John, coal dealer, 63, Copperas hill
Pickering John, corn & flour dealer, 6, Dansie st.; h. 21, St. Andrew st.
Pickering John, shopkeeper, 48, Adlington st.
Pickering Sarah, gentwn. 12, Clayton street
Pickering Wm. merchant, and Mecklenburg consul, 14, Henry st. ; Is. Derby breck

1825 - Gore's Liverpool Directory

Pickering Wm. merchant, and Mecklenburg consul, 10 Henry St., Everton Brk
Ann Pickering, boarding house, 34 Upper Pitt St.
Pickering Brothers Merchants, 10 Henry St. John
Pickering, corn and flour dealer, 6 Dansie St., Shop: 21 St. Andrew St.
John Pickering, miller, grocer and flour dealer, 48 Adlington St.
Robert Pickering, Dock Treasurer

1827 - Gore's Liverpool Directory
Pickering Ann; 10, Chester street ,
..........Brothers, merchants, 11, Henry street
..........John, corn and tour dealer, 31, St. Andrew street
....................shop, 10,. Vauxhall road
..........John, tailor, Litherland
..........Peter, butcher, 47, Marybone
..........Robert, treasurer to the Trustees of Docks, Wavertree
..........Wm. merchant & Mecklenburg Consul, Breck la. Evrtn
..............................office, 11, Henry street

Gores snippet

1828-29 - Pigot & Co's Directory of Cheshire
Frodsham - Agriculture is the prevailing occupation of the inhabitants

Pickerings Mess. Frodsham Bridge, Corn Millers
Ellen Farrall, Post Mistress, Frodsham
William Hayes, Esq. Gentry & Clergy

1828-29 - Pigot & Co's Directory of Cheshire
Pickering Brothers, Merchants, 10 Henry St.
John Pickering, Flour Dealer, col 44
John Pickering, shopkeeper, col 82
Peter Pickering, butcher, 42 Marybone
William Pickering, Consul, Mecklenburgh
William Pickering, Merchant, Everton Breck
John Minshull, Butcher, 11 Preeson's row
Rigby & Baldwin, 56 Old Hall st, Coal Merchants
John Harrison, Virginia St, Cotton Dealer

William Pickering Consul to Mecklenburg

1834 Pigot's Commercial Directory - Frodsham

William Pickering and Son had the principal trade in salt
William Hazlehurst and William Pickering were corn dealers
William Hayes and Co were shipbuilders
Hayes and Pickering were slate and timber merchants and Thomas Hazlehurst provided occational conveyance by water to and from Liverpool.

1841 - Pigot & Slater's Directory of Manchester & Salford

Edmund Pickering, tailor, 88 Broughton road, Salford
Esther Pickering, lodging house, 16 Gartside St
George Pickering, weaver, 8 bury St Hulme
Henry Pickering, painter, Friday st. Spear st
John Pickering, music seller and professor of music, 16 St. Ann's square
Joseph Pickering, beer retailer, 32 George st., Hulme
Joseph Pickering, spinner, 22 Davies st, Hulme
Mrs. Mary Pickering, 7 Rosamund place, C on M.
Samuel Pickering, 10 Wood St, Hulme
Samuel Pickering, calculerman, 38 Cupid's alley
Thomas Pickering, shoemaker, Irlans-o'th-height
William Pickering, packer, house 2 Bloom st
William Pickering, putter out, 3 Stott's buildings
William Pickering weaver, 10 Davies st, Salford
William Parks Pickering, grocer and tea dealer, 98 Chapel st, Salford

1872-73 Land owners in England and Wales
Contains the names of 84 landholders by the name of Pickering in England and Wales
Two in Scotland
Three in Ireland

1885 London Directory

Commercial: 28 people named Pickering
Court: 13 people names Pickering

1892 BOSTON, Mass. Directory

Thirty-seven (37) people named Pickering

1892 Weaverham Residents (with Acton and Wallerscoat)
Commercial: William Pickering, Ring O' Bells P.H.
Private: Bernard Pickering, Acton

1894 - Neighborhoods of Birkenhead
Ellesmere Port
Little Sutton (a village and township, in the ecclesiastical parish of Ellesmere Port)
Whitby (a village and township, in the ecclesiastical parish of Ellesmere Port)
Liscard / Wallasey
New Brighton
Great Sutton (about one mile from LIttle Sutton, 5 miles north of Chester. Parish of Eastham, Chester)