Pickering Coat of Arms and Crest


Our family coat of arms has shown up in many of our family's possessions. The black and white drawing (top right) shows Charles William Harrison Pickering's [1815-1881] (CWHP) name below. This coat of arms and crest was sent to me in 1970 from a cousin who inherited the art from his ancestors.

Pickering Ring The full-colored coat of arms (below right) was sent to me from Alfhard Kowallek who lived in Berlin, Germany until his death in 2004. He was a descendant of Peter Pickering of Danzig, Prussia. Peter and William (my ancestor) were brothers who married two Steffens sisters in Danzig. Two rings and the molds that created those rings were also passed down to Alfhard through Peter's descendents.

Pickering Indonesia
Peter Pickering of Indonesia this copy of the family crest that was handed down through his family.
The blue lapis ring (above) was handed down to Matthew David Rothamel in a family gathering at his parent's home in Michigan, August 2010. Connie Pickering Stover inherited the ring after her brother John Jeffery Pickering, the only male descendant of Alexander John Pickering, died in 2003 in Phoenix, Arizona. It's a safe bet that the ring originates from at least the mid 1800's and probably comes from CWHP based on the silver chalice which also has an engraving of his monogram along with the crest of a lion's gamb in ducal crown. The motto on the scroll of the ring reads "SIMILIS TUI SIS". The very loose translation, according to a cousin, Skip Pickering of Salina, KS, is "Thought before Action" . . . Look before you leap? We'll keep you up to date on this and let you know.

The silver chalice was handed down through Alexander John to his son William Harrison Pickering. It now belongs to Carol, Alexander's great-granddaughter. LEARN MORE»

Pickering Arms Thelwall
The sign hangs on the Pickering Arms Inn in Thelwall, Cheshire (near Warrington). The sign closely matches our ring and drawing even in the details of the "eight plates" surrounding the lion. Thelwall is located very near Frodsham which is where our family originates.
Robert Pickering Arms The pedigree at the Herald’s College lists “Pickering de Walford” which was the name of the estate within the chapelry of Daresbury. Pickering de Walford, b. Circa 1545; married Alice, only daughter of William Mathew, gent., and dying in 1602 left issue.

Pickeirng tapestry

This is a beautifully embroidered tapestry depicting the Pickering Coat of Arms was created by a Sarah Pickering and dated 1753. It is still hanging in the entry of the old Pickering house in Salem, Massachusetts. LEARN MORE »

Pickering sketch book

Click on image above to enlarge notebook. This was sent by Alfhard Kowallek in 2000, and he writes, "In 1941 died in Berlin a very old unmarried aunt of mine: Florence Pickering. She was born in 1858 in Melbourne. She was very interested about the history of the family and I got from her a notice-book. In this book she had drawn the coat of arms."

Pickering of Yorkshire
Pickering of Yorkshire (left) and Nottinghamshire contributed by Ken Pickering.
Pickering Coat of Arms
Among the numerous descriptions of Pickering arms in Burke's General Armory, Third Edition with a Supplement, London, 1844.

"PICKERING (Walford, co.Chester). Erm. (ermine background) a lion ramp. az. crowned or, within a bordure of the second, charged with eight plates. Crest - A lion's gamb erect and erased az. enfiled with a ducal coronet or."

Peter Pickering rings Peter Pickering Arms
Pickering Arms Thelwell

Sarah Pickering Tapestry

Pykeryng Coat of Arms

Pickering de Whaddon