ST LAURENCE Churchyard, Frodsham

Huge double flatstone on plinth with double book top and evidence of railings

 William Pickering
died 16 February 1855
age 72

 F.C.A. Pickering
(relict of the above)
died 16 April 1864 aged 75 years

Alfred V. Pickering
died 5th Dec. 1868 infant son of H.A. and F. PICKEIRNG great grandson of the above

Charles F. Cox
Comm. R.N.
(son-in-law of the above) - died13 Oct. 1876 aged 70 years

Charles W.H. Pickering eldest son of W.& F.C.A. PICKERING born the 9th of November 1815 died the 2nd of March1881 aged 65 years.

"My help cometh from the Lord"

Elizabeth Pickering
wife of the above and daughter of T. and K. WALKER of Chester born 24 July 1819 fell asleep 2 April 1895

 Frieda Valentia
youngest daughter of C.W.H. PICKERING born 3 Aug 1858 died 28 July 1932 aged 73 years

"Until the day break."

 James William Pickering - died 1st September 1878 aged 51 years. [ed. James William appears to be a brother of Charles W.H. Pickering]

Hester Isabel Pickering daughter of James William Pickering and Hester Ann Pickering who departed this life 2nd August 1857 Aged 11 weeks.

HUGHES - PICKERING - In rememberance of
Ann Hughes
who died at "Montebello" New Brighton on 12th February 1876 aged 90 yrs. From the age of 16, the faithful friend and servant in the family of Elizabeth [Harrison] Pickering.
For so he giveth his beloved sleep


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