John Pickering and Hannah Farrall, Northwich, Frodsham Parish

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John Pickering and Hannah Farrall


John Pickering

        b: 19 Feb 1774, Northwich, Frodsham Parish
        o: 1804 Corn Merchant (age 30)
        emigration: About 1805 sailed to Philadelphia to set up business as
                                           General/Cord Merchant
        m: 17 Apr 1796, Sutton, Runcorn, Frodsham Parish (age 22) [view document]
        d: 1848 Philadelphia, PA (age 74) [NOT SURE OF INFO]

    + Hannah Farrall
       b: 11 Jun 1774, Great Budworth
       o: 1796, Spinster (age 22)
              father: Thomas Farrell
              mother: Margaret Riley 1759 Great Budworth

John Pickering signature
Cheshire Marriage licence bonds and allegations 1606-1905

Children of John Pickeirng and Hannah Farrall

            1.1 Harry Pickering
            1.2 Margaret Pickering
                   b: 16 Dec 1796 Frodsaham d: 17 Oct 1801 (age 5)
            1.3 James Pickering
                   b: Jul 1798, Frodsham d: 27 Apr 1799 (age 9 mos), St. Laurence, Frodsham
            1.4 Henry Pickering b: 2 Aug 1800 Frodsham d: ?
            1.5 John Pickering
                        Possible info for John: Born about 1802, Frodsham England,
                        Died 18 Sept 1842, Philadelphia,
                        burial 24 Sept 1842, Philadelphia (age 40)
            1.6 Elizabeth Ann Pickering
                   b: 5 Jul 1802 Frodsham
                   d: Sep 1863 West Macclesfield
                  m: Jonathan or John Leutton [1802-1868] West Macclesfield
            1.7 Maria Pickering
                   b: 26 Jan 1806, Frodsham
            1.? William Hunter Pickering
                   b: 06 Apr 1804 Saint Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire

Note: There is a record of Mary Pickering, born Feb 15, 1809, baptised Apr 2, 1809. Parents are John and Hannah. Recorded at Old St. Paul's Church, Roman Catholic, Philadelphia. This is possibly a child of our John and Hannah born after they arrived in Philadelphia

1860 - Peter's Diary entries

• I, with the consent of Messrs Gladstones, as also my Parents seperated from Messrs Gladstones, and then with the consent of my Parents and advice of my Brother William I immediately took a passage in the Ship Majestrate, bound from Liverpool to New York; with the intention of forming a Mercantile Establishment with my Brother John in Philadelphia who had left Frodsham and sailed to Philadelphia the year before, with the intention that his Wife should follow him later with their Family of Children after he had established himself as Commission Corn and General Merchant in Philadelphia;

• On arriving at the Dock Warf in East River, I landed immediately, and proceeded with my luggage to the Tonteen Hotel opposite the Public Exchange; and the next day, wrote to my Brother John at Philadelphia, to inform him as soon as possible to meet me at the Tonteen Hotel.

• But to return to my narrative; My Brother John believing he did not possess Capital sufficient, to establish himself with me as general Merchants, he declined my offer of Partnership and returned to Philadelphia; and I never saw him again

Entry from St. Laurence, Frodsham Church:
"In memory of James son of John and Hannah Pickering of Runcorn who died April 27th 1799 aged 9 months. Also Margaret Pickering who died the 17th of Oct. 1801 in the 5th year of her age. Also Mary [Pickering] relict of William Yarwood late of Northwich Druggist and daughter of John and Mary Pickering of Frodsham who died the 22nd Dec. 1837 aged 66 years.”