James Pickering [1778-1894], Bradley, Frodsham Parish

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James Pickering
b: 08 Feb 1778, Bradley, Frodsham Parish
c: 21 Apr 1778, Frodsham Parish
d: 1795, Frodsham

1795 - Peter's Diary entry:
At this time 1795 my Brother James, was taken Ill, in consiquence of which Dr. Hulley of Frodsham was called in, to attending Brother; who however died one Sunday, and when Dieing, five hundred Hussors [ed. soldiers] passed over Frodsham Bridge, in front of our Hous, which at that time was such an unsual occurrence, that it appears to me now as if it took place a few days or months ago.

Parish of Frodsham for the Year 1778

James Pickering

Parish records were researched by Connie Pickering Stover, Nov. 2012.