John Lightfoot and Mary Artingstall of Newton

Thanks to Janet Leece, England for her in-depth research on the Lightfoot families of Flookersbrook.

                John Lightfoot
                c: 19 March 1758
                m: Mary Artingstall, widow, age 30,
                                by licence on 2 January 1783 at St. Mary’s Parish, Chester (age 25)
                lived: Newton by Chester (from Will)
                o : Victualer
                o: 1829, stock of barley malt and hops (from Will)
                d: 12 March 1832
                b: 17 March 1832 at St. Oswald's [of Flookersbrook] (age 74)

                m: Mary Artingstall
                c: thought to be as Mary Morgan on 2 February 1741 at St. Oswald’s Parish, Chester
                                Father: thought to be Thomas Morgan
                m1: John Artingstall, b:abt. 1739, d: 1780 (age 41),
                         m: 20 Dec 1764, St. Oswald’s Parish, Chester

                m2: John Lightfoot, 2 Jan 1783, St Mary's Church, Saltney, Chester

Daughter of John Lightfoot and Mary Artingstall
                                Catharine Lightfoot (Our Ancestor)
                                c: 7 Dec 1784
                                m: 16 Jul 1805 (age 20), of Flookersbrook
                                m: Thomas Walker
                                d: 8 Dec 1840 (age 56)
                                b: 15 Dec 1840, St. Oswald's Parish, Chester

Notes for Mary Artingstall and John Lightfoot

It is thought that Mary was the widow of John Artingstall (abt 1739-1780), who was licensee of the "Ermine" and a Malster in Flookersbrook until he died in 1780. It is thought that John Lightfoot married her after John Artingstall's death. John Lightfoot was licensee of the Ermine, Flookersbrook, from 1818 to 1820 (there is a Lightfoot Street just across the road from the pub today). The Ermine has been rebuilt several times and is very different today from the building of the 1780's.

Advertisement from Adams Weekly Courant 18 July 1780
“MARY ARTINGSTALL, of FLOOKERSBROOK, near this City, Begs leave to inform the Friends of her late Husband, John Artingstall, deceased,THAT she intends to continue the PUBLIC BUSINESS, as usual, at the Sign of the Ermine, in Flookersbrook aforesaid; and also to carry on the MAKING of MALT, under the Management of the Person employed by her late Husband, to whose Friends she returns her sincere Thanks; and assures them and the Public in general, that those who will please to favour her with their Commands, shall be served with the above Article upon the best and most reasonable Terms,
By their oblig’d and faithful Servant, MARY ARTINGSTALL”

Visit for more information on the Ermine Hotel.

Notes from Last Will and Testament of John Lightfoot

  • His will, dated 6 June 1829 gives his address as "of Newton by Chester" and refers to his business stock of barley malt and hops, which he left to his son-in-law and partner Thomas Walker of Newton, who married his daughter Katherine.
  • It also refers to his brother William Lightfoot, now residing at Hawarden, Flintshire.
  • Executors were: Thomas Lightfoot of Wavertree, near Liverpool, and William Cross of Flookersbrook.
  • By Codicil dated 10 March 1832 he amends the legacy of his share of the partnership asset to his daughter Katherine, instead of his son-in-law Thomas.
  • Will and Codicil proved on 28 July 1832 - net £12,000. (a huge amount of money in those days)

Christening Records

A number of John Lightfoots were born in the Cheshire area between 1755 and 1765 and there were several Lightfoot Families.   In researching the christening of our John Lightfoot, I looked for one who had brothers by the name of Thomas and William (see the notes on the Will above).

The family below were the only ones who fitted the criteria.  
The parents were Samuel and Katherine Lightfoot of those christened below:
Martha Lightfoot 12 Oct 1740, Barrow, near Chester
Mary Lightfoot 14 Apr 1741, Barrow, near Chester
Elizabeth Lightfoot 27 Jul 1743, Barrow, near Chester
Sarah Lightfoot 13 or 19 Aug 1745, Barrow, near Chester
Samuel Lightfoot 21 Apr 1747, Barrow, near Chester
John Lightfoot 19 Mar 1858, Barrow, Near Chester
Katherine Lightfoot 22 Jun 1749, Barrow, Near Chester
Ann Lightfoot 8 Jul 1751, Barrow, Near Chester
Thomas Lightfoot 19 Mar 1753 or 1754, Barrow, Near Chester
John Lightfoot 6 Jan 1756 or 1757, Barrow, Near Chester
John Lightfoot 19 Mar 1758, Barrow, Near Chester

This could be the right line - probably the 1st and 2nd Johns died. The birth of the last John born in 1758 would fit in with the age of our John Lightfoot, who was age 74 at his death in 1832.

John Lightfoot burial

Burial record of
John Lightfoot of Flookersbrook
bur: 17 Mar 1832 (age 76)

Catharine Lightfoot christening

Christening of Catherine Lightfoot, daughter of John Lightfoot, Victualer, 7 Dec 1784
Source: Parish Records, St. Oswald, Chester

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