Maragrette Sterling German

german Graves

Photos and research by Connie Pickering Stover, 1971. Recorded on headstone: David German died at 55 years, 11 mos. 5 days. Margaret German died at 82 years, 11 mos. 2 days.

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John Sterling [Starling] and Martha (non-Catholics) [see note at bottom]

Children of John Starling and Martha
                                                                                                             [my 3x Great Grandparents]
           Margaret [Starling] Sterling
            b: 16 Jan 1794 Newtown, PA
            c: 1 Aug 1794 by Rev. W. Elling, Sponsor Catherine Chiffer (non-Catholics)
            lived: 1850 Hunterdon Co, Delaware Twp, NJ
            lived: 1870 Newtown, PA (in household of Son-in-law, John L DeMar), age 76
            d: 18 Feb 1877 Hunterdon Co., NJ
            b: Newtown Cemetery, Bucks Co. PA [age 82, 11 mos, 2 days],
            status: Widow
            cause: Dibility [Death Certificate]

                        m. David Alexander German [Jarman] [St. Germaine]
                                b: 1 Sep 1794, Delaware
                               m: 18 Jun 1812, Delaware (age 17)
                                lived: 1830, Newtown, PA
                                lived: 1840, Newtown, PA
                                d: 5 Aug 1849 Newtown PA
                                b: Newtown Cemertery, Bucks Co., PA (age 55, 11 mos, 5 days)

Note: From the Records of the American Catholic Historical Society; published 1905 by the Society. Posted by Kathie Kirkpatrick, 5 May 2013, Warner-Curtis Tree 2,