Alice Walker and James Broadbent of Flookersbrook

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1.1.4       Alice Walker, 1815-1852, St Oswalds (age37)
                b: 28 Sep 1815, Chester
                c: 24 May 1820, St. Oswald’s Church, Chester
                m: 8 Dec 1842, St Peter’s church, Plemstall, Chester
                lived: 1851, Chester St John the Baptist, 37 Foregate Street
                d: 2 Dec 1852, Flookersbrook, Chester (age 37)
                b: 7 Dec 1852, Overleigh Cemetery, Chester [in the same grave as her father, Thomas]

                                m: James Broadbent 1814-1877
                                b: abt 1814, Lancashire Mottram Parish Eccles Lancashire
                                o: 1851, Brewer employing 6 men, Chester
                                o: 1861, Malster and Brewer employing 2 men, Flookersbrook
                                o: 1868, Commission Agent
                                o: 1871, Agent for Burton Brewery Co. (see note below)
                                bankrupt: 1868
                                lived: 1851, Chester St John the Baptist, 37 Foregate Street
                                lived: 1861, Flookersbrook
                                lived: 1871, Newton by Chester, Flookersbrook
                                d: 1 Nov 1877 (age 63)
                                b: 15 Nov 1877, Overleigh Cemetery, Chester
                                               m2: Maria Gamon (nee Glanville), widow
                                               m: 11 Jan 1859, St. Oswald's, Chester
                                               b: abt 1824
                                               d: 29 Apr 1875
                                               b: 4 May 1875, Overleigh Cemetery

Maria Gamon had two daughters: Marianne Gamon and Louisa Gamon.  (Marianne is mentioned in 1871 and 1901 census, it appears that she married a Robinson (see Emily Alice Broadbent

Children of Alice Walker and James Broadbent    Catherine Louisa Broadbent
                       b: 2 Sep 1843, Littleborough, Lanc.,
                       c: 14 Apr 1845, St Paul Church, Boughton, Chester
                       lived 1861: Westminster, London at the home of her uncle and aunt
                               John and Elizabeth Fowler
                       lived 1891: Westminster, London at the home of her widowed aunt Elizabeth Fowler
                       lived 1911: Marlborough, Wiltshire with her sister Emily Alice Broadbent
                       d: 1922, Bath, Somerset, UK (age 78) [Never married]    James Alfred Broadbent
                       b: 17 Mar 1845, Chester
                       c: 14 Apr 1845, St Paul, Boughton, Chester
                       m: Annie Elizabeth Lea, Bickerton, Cheshire
                       m: 27 Sept 1877, All Saint’s Church, Hoole, chester
                       d: 20 Nov 1885, The Laurels, Newton-by-Chester (age 40)
                       b: 24 Nov 1885

                Children of James Alfred Broadbent and Annie Elizabeth Lea
              Muriel Broadbent, b: 1878, Chester,
                                      m: John Joseph Heywood Daly, of Montana USA, 18 Jan 1908,
                                             St. Oswald’s Chester
              Dorothy Alice Broadbent, b: 1880, Chester
                                      m: Francis Thomas Thursfield Stainer, b: 5 apr 1871, Uppington, Shropshire
                                      m: 24 Nov 1915, Oak Bay, B.C. Canada
                                      d: 11 Dec 1957, Cobble Hill, B.C., Canada (age 86)
              Lilian Emily Broadbent, b: 1882, Chester,
                                      d: 1893, Bache, Chester (age 11)
                                      b: 10 July 1893    Charles Sydney Broadbent
                       b: 28 Sep 1846, Chester
                       c: 26 Nov 1846, St Paul’s Church, Boughton, Chester    Francis Arthur Broadbent
                       b: 15 Nov 1848, Chester
                       c: 9 Oct 1849, St Paul’s Church, Boughton, Chester
                       d: between Oct-Dec 1893, Camberwell, London (age 45)    Emily Alice Broadbent
                       b: 11 Oct 1850, Chester
                       c: 7 Apr 1853, St Paul’s Church, Boughton, Chester
                       d: between Oct-Dec 1938, Bath, Somerset (age 88) [Unmarried]
                       lived 1871: Marylebone, London with her sister Alice Emma and her aunt
                              Maryann Broadbent
, at the home of John George, a registrar of
                              births/marriages/deaths, and his family.
                       lived 1901: Bath, Somerset at the home of her widowed aunt Mary A Robinson.
                       lived 1911: Marlborough, Wiltshire with her sister Katherine Louisa Broadbent
                               (spelled sometimes with a "C" and sometimes a "K")    Alice Emma Broadbent
                       b: 30 Jun 1852, Chester
                       c: 7 apr 1853, St Paul’s Church, Boughton, Chester [Unmarried]
                       o: 1891 - superintendent of a girls' institute
                       o: 1901 - lady superintendent of a laundry with approximately 16 staff
                       lived 1871: Marlebone, London
                       lived 1891: Bishop's Court, Kirkmichael, Peel, the Isle of Man as a visitor of the
                                Bishop of Sodor and Man
                       lived 1901: Tythebarn House Laundry, Great Crosby, Lancashire. 
                                (in the outskirts of Liverpool)

Note for Alice E. Broadbent: There is a record of the death of an Alice E Broadbent, between January and March 1941 in Worcester, Worcestershire, aged 88 years.We are not sure why she would be living in Worcestershire, which is in the Midlands.

1851 Census - Chester St John the Baptist, 37 Foregate Street

Name Rel Age Birth Year Status Occupation Born
James Broadbent Head 37 1814 Mar Brewer, employing 6 men Chester
Alice Wife 36       Chester
Katherine L Dau         Lancashire Littleborough
James A Son 6       Chester
C sydney Son 4       Chester
Francis A Son 2       Chester
Emmily A Dau 6mo       Chester
Elizabeth Carman Serv 40   Unm Upper Nurse Chester
Sarah Elliott Serv 25   Unm Cook  
Margaret Evans Serv 22   Unm House Maid  
Mary Charnock Serv 20   Unm Nurse Maid  
Anne Walker Visitor 24   Unm   Chester
Emma Walker Visitor 22   Unm   Chester

1861 Census - Newton by Chester, Flookersbrook
Name Rel Age Birth Year Status Occupation Born
James Broadbent Head 47 1814 Mar Brewer, employing 2 men Lancashire Moulton Parish Eccles
Maria Gaman Broadbent Wife 36   Mar   Chester
James A Son 16   Unm Attorneys Clerk Chester
Charles S Son 14   Unm Scholar Chester
Emily A Dau 10       Chester
Alice E Dau 8       Chester
William R Son 1       Chester
Marriann Gaman Step-Dau 9     Scholar Chester
Louisa Gaman Step-Dau 8       Chester
Margaret Hewett Serv 60   Unm Domestic Cook  
Mary Ann Lunt Serv 28   Unm Domestic Nurse  
Catherine Davis Serv 18   Unm House Maid  

The London Gazette, October 23, 1868:
"James Broadbent, of Flookersbrook, near the city of Chester, Commission Agent, having been adjudged bankrupt under a Petition for adjudication of Bankruptcy, filed in Her Majesty's Court of Bankruptcy for the Liverpool District, at Liverpool, on the 21st day of October, 1868, is hereby required to surrender himself to one of the Registrars of the said Court, at the first meeting of creditors tobe held before the said Registrar, on the 5th day of November next, at eleven of the clock in the forenoon precisely, at the said Court, at Liverpool. Charles Turner, Esq. of Central-chambers, South Castle-street, Liverpool, is the Offical Assignee, and Messrs. T and T. Martin, of Orange-court, Castle-street, Liverpool, are the Solicitors acting in the bankruptcy."

The Edinburgh Gazette, October 27, 1868: "
James Broadbent of Flookersbrook, near Chester, Commission Agent"
           Note: Commission agents--also known as commercial agents--work as middlemen between vendors and buyers. These individuals find employment in myriad industries for large and small businesses, depending on their area of specialization.

Note for 1871 occupation of James Broadbent:
The Burton Brewery Company was one of the largest brewers in Burton upon Trent, England in the 19th century. The company was founded in 1842 by Henry and Thomas Wilders, who came from a family of tanners. They built their brewery on their leather-working premises in Burton High Street. It grew remarkably quickly and was the third largest brewery in 1861 with 297 employees.

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