Katharine Mary Walker and John Shand

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1.1.2       Katharine Mary Walker, 1810-1840
                b: 12 Dec 1810, Chester
                c: 10 May 1813, St Oswald’s Church, Chester
                m: 13 May 1833,St. John’s Church, Chester
                d: 11 Jun 1840, Great Boughton, Chester (age 29)
                b: 17 Jun 1840, St. Oswald’s Church, Chester

                                m: John Shand
                                b: Abt 1807, Walton-on-the-Hill, Liverpool,

Note for John Shand: His residence in 1841 after Katherine Mary's death was Bromborough, Wirral, Cheshire.  After that he and the family disappear - perhaps they went abroad?

                Children of Catharine Walker and John Shand
                          Charles Walker Shand, b: 13 Feb 1834, Everton, Liverpool,
                                              c: 21 Mar 1834
                          Thomas Jones Walker Shand,
                                              c: 3 Dec 1835, St. George’s Church, Everton
                          Katherine Mary Shand, c: 1 Dec 1837, St. George’s Church, Everton

Note: All children christened at St. George’s Church, Everton, Liverpool