Thomas Henry William Walker, Architect, and Sarah Over

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Walker and Over

39 Kelvin Grove, Liverpool Thomas Henry William Walker
        b: 25 Feb 1850, Chester
        c: 16 Aug 1850, St. John’s Church, Chester
        o: Architect and Surveyor, Liverpool
        lived: 39 Kelvin Grove, Princes Park, Liverpool
        m: 18 July 1872, St George’s Church, Everton, Liverpool
        d: 29 Feb 1924, Kelvin Grove, Princes Park, (age 74)
        b: 4 Mar 1924, Toxteth Park Cemetery,
        Smithdown Road, Liverpool
        cause of death: Arterio sclerosis and angina pectoris

        m: Sarah Over
                      b: 1 Apr 1848, Manchester
                      c: 12 Sep 1848, St. Peter’s Church, Liverpool
                      d: 16 Feb 1921, Kelvin Grove, Liverpool (age 72)
                      b: Toxteth Park Cemetery, Smithdown Road, Liverpool [in the Walker Grave]

Children of Thomas Henry William Walker and Sarah Over
             Annie Sarah Walker
                                   b: 25 Aug 1873, Liverpool
                                   d: 4 May 1957, Parkstone, Dorset (age 84), Unmarried
             Jessie Mary Walker
                                   b: 3 Jul 1875, Liverpool
                                   d: 20 Oct 1959, Parkstone, Dorset (age 84) Unmarried
             Katherine Bertha Walker
                                   b: 3 Nov 1877, Liverpool
                                   d: 29 Jun 1970, Wirral, Cheshire (age 92)
                                  Son (Private)
                                  Son (Private)
                                         Daughter (Private)
             Ethel Margaret Walker
                                   b: 15 Nov 1879, Liverpool
                                   d: 16 Dec 1962, Liverpool (age 83) Unmarried
             Thomas Lightfoot Walker
                                   b: 4 May 1881, Liverpool
                                   m: Annie Elizabeth Davies, 1901, Holywell, Flintshire
                                   d: 25 Dec 1946 (age 65)
             Edith Alice Walker
                                   b: 20 Feb 1884, Liverpool
                                   d: 7 Nov 1967, Parkstone, Dorset (age 83)
                                   Son (Private)
                                   Son (Private)
             Arnold Henry Walker
                                   b: 2 Dec 1886, Liverpool
                                   m: Florence M Emily Thomas, 15 Mar 1915, Liverpool
                                   d: 17 Sep 1918, Liverpool (age 32)

Arnold H Walker
Arnold H. Walker
Notes for Arnold Henry Walker:
Cemetery: Liverpool (Toxteth Park) Cemetery
Lieutenant, British Army
Unit: 3rd Battalion attd. 8th Battalion Cheshire Regiment.
Died of wounds 17th September 1918. Age 31.
Son of Thomas H. W. Walker of 39 Kelvin Grove Prince's Park Liverpool.

Graves Toxteth park

- Thomas H.W. Walker and his younger brother John Lightfoot Walker attended

There was a boarding school in the centre of Tattenhall. In 1861 it was run by Richard Gray with approximately 19 pupils who seem to come mainly from the Liverpool and Chester areas. Some were as young as 8 but mostly they were in the 10-14 age range. Richard Gray and his wife had 2 sons, who attended the school, also 3 servants and two assistants.

In the Street Directories of 1857 a “National School for Boys and Girls” in Tattenhall was described as “being held in a newly erected and spacious schoolroom. Also a subscription news and reading rooms and a savings bank were held in the same place. Also a Sunday School was held in the same place.” There is just a possibility that this could be the same school which Thomas H.W. and John L. Walker attended. However, in 1896 the Lord Bishop of Chester opened a Home for boys - “Waifs and Strays” on the High Street in Tattenhall (see the link). I wonder if this was the same building as the boarding school which the Walker Boys attended, in the likelihood that it closed some time after they had left?

1881 Census, Lancashire, Toxteth Park, 12 Kelvin Grove

Name Rel Age Status Occupation Born
Thomas Henry Wm Walker Head 31 Mar Architect Chester
Sarah Walker Wife 33 Mar Architects Wife Chester
Annie Sarah Walker dau 7 Unm Scholar Liverpool
Jessie Mary Walker dau 5 Unm Scholar Liverpool
Catherine Bertha Walker dau 3 Unm   Liverpool
Ethel Margaret Walker dau 1     Liverpool
Mary Gee Serv 20 Unm Nurse Chorlton
Emma Fleet Serv 19 Unm General Servant Christtenton

1891 Census, Lancashire, Toxteth Park, Dist. 49, 39 Kelvin Grove

Name Rel Age Status Occupation Born
Thomas W.Walker Head 41 W Architect & Surveyor Chester
Jessie Mary dau 15 Unm Scholar Liverpool
Katherine B dau 13 Unm Scholar Liverpool

1901 Census, Lancashire, Toxteth Park, Dist. 49, 39 Kelvin Grove

Name Rel Age Status Occupation Born
Thomas Hy Head 51 Mar Architect & Surveyor Chester
Sarah Walker Wife 51 Mar b: 1850 Manchester
Annie S Dau 26 Unm b: 1875 Liverpool
Katherine B Dau 23 Unm b: 1878 Liverpool
Edith A Dau 17 Unm b: 1884 Liverpool
Arnold H Son 14 Unm b: 1887 Liverpool
Lily Villiers Servant 21 Unm General Domestic Servant Birmingham

1911 Census, Wales

Name Rel Age Status Occupation Born
Thomas W.Walker Head 61 Mar Architect & Surveyor Chester
Sarah Walker Wife 63 Mar 7 Children / 7 Alive Chester