Alexander John Pickering of Liscard

Alexander John

Alexander John Pickering    [my Great Grandfather]
b: 29 Jun 1857 Liscard
m: 1886 Junction City KS
o: 1885 Carpenter (age 26)
o: 1900 Laborer (age 42)  
o: 1910 Carpenter (age 52)
o: 1920 Carrier in Department Store (age 62)
d: 17 Jan 1927 (age 69)
b: Newtown Cemetery, Newtown, Bucks County, PA USA
lived: 1885 Junction City, KS

 Evaline DeMar Pickering

Evaline Estelle DeMar
       b: 29 Jul 1862 Newtown, Bucks Co, PA
       d: 19 Feb 1959 Abington, PA (age 97)
       b: Newtown Cemetery, Newtown, Bucks County, PA USA
       lived: 1930 Yeardon, Delaware Co. PA [widow] (age 68)
              1930 - She owned her home worth $7,500 and owned a Radio
              [daughter of John DeMar and Emilie German]
              [sister: Caroline DeMar]

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Alexander timeline

Year Age Location Country/State Event
1857 0 Montebello, Liscard New Brighton, Eng Born
1861 4 Montebello, Liscard New Brighton, Eng --
1871 14 25 High St, Rutland Uppingham, Eng Pupil at Uppingham School
1874 17 Uppingham School Uppingham, Eng Left Uppingham School (school was founded in 1584)
1878 22 Philadelphia   ? PA Emigrated to U.S.
1881 25 Montebello, Liscard England death of Father CWHP - attended funeral
1882 29 Junction City KS Married Evaline DeMar

1882 KANSAS: The Parsons Weekly Sun › 1882 › October › 26 October 1882 › Page 1

"A.J. Pickering of Neosho Falls, and Miss Eveline E. De Mar, daughter of our townsman J. L. DeMar, were united in marriage on Tuesday, at the residence of Rev. Bowen, the rector of the Episcopal Church. The happy couple left on the afternoon train for Neosho Falls, which pleace they will make their future home."

1884 23 Junction City KS Daughter Edith Evelyn born
1885 24 Junction City KS Daughter Elizabeth Catherine born
1888 27 Junction City KS Son Arthur John, Sr born
1891 30 Junction City KS Son William Harrison born
1893 33 Philadelphia PA Daughter Emily Frederica born
1897 37 Montgomery Sqr. Mont. Co. PA Daughter Louisa Frances born
1900 39 North Wales Mont. Co. PA Occupation: Laborer
1910 52 North Wales Mont. Co. PA Occupation: Carpenter, Truck Mfg
53 Liverpool Eng Sailed on Lusitania to New York with brother William. Occupation: Contractor

1911 LIVERPOOL: Alexander John Pickering (1857-1927) departed from Liverpool to the U.S., through the port of New York, aboard the Lusitania. He travelled with his oldest brother, Charles William Pickering (1841-1928). Alexander was listed as a “manufacturer” and Charles was listed as a “contractor”. [New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957,]


1920 59 Philadelphia PA Occupation: Carrier, Department Store
1927 66 Newtown, PA Bucks Co, PA Buried

Alexander grave
Grave of Alexander and Evaline,
Newtown Cemetery, Newtown, PA

Alexander John Pickering emigrated from England to Kansas, USA at about the, age of 24 (1881, after his father’s death). He settled in Junction City, KS where he met and married Evaline DeMar in 1886. There are many people who remember Alexander with affection for his kindness but are quick to note that he didn't appear to be as knowledgeable about investing his money as his other brothers and his father.

Alexander was about 24 years old when he went to Kansas. There he met and married Evaline DeMar whose family was originally from the Newtown, Pennsylvania area. We are not sure what his occupation was during this period. He lived for a while off his inheritance.

He moved to Philadelphia about 1892.  With his inheritance (it is said) he bought a professional basketball team called the "Swamp Poodles" (named after a section of Philadelphia) and lost most of his money. He was mainly remembered by everyone for his carpentry expertise. He owned a carriage making business in North Wales, Pennsylvania which did not turn out to be a lucrative business.

Alexander was a stock boy for John Wannamakers department store in Philadelphia, PA during the depression. Granddaughter Ruth, remembers standing by the freight elevator waiting to bring lunch to her Grandfather. She related that because he had a good knowledge of wool that when the wool merchants came to sell their wares to the department store they would "dress him up" to go out and bargain and choose the wools for the store. The next day he'd be a stock boy again.

"Evaline moved to Kansas from Newtown when she was very young. When she came back east they settled around 30th and Diamond (31st and Herman) in Philadelphia. Family lore holds that the DeMar's were from France. It is said that they were chased out for religious reasons and their people were "Hugnenots." It is also said that her family were among the first settlers of Frenchtown, NJ. Their name at that time was St. Germain. In the later years it was shortened to just German. Grandmother's maiden name was German. Grandfather DeMar was also French, came to this country according to my sister Edith because his family wanted him to be a Catholic.” [from a letter of Jan 6 1978 of Emily Pickering Deibert]

Ref: LDS Family Search, 1880 US Census, Neosha Falls, Woodson, Kansas :
EVALINE E. DEMAR: Birth 1863, Born: PA, Age: 17, Single, White, Father: John L. Demar, Born: MD, Mother Born: PA