Edith Paulina Pickering Meyers of Liscard

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Edith Paulina Pickering

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b: 28 Apr 1852, Liscard, England
c: 13 Apr 1853, Wallasey
m: 05 Oct 1871, Montebello, New Brighton (age 19)
d: 26 Feb 1953, Aberdeen, Scotland (age 101)

Rev Arthur Myers

Rev. Arthur Myers

Rev. Arthur Myers
b: 03 Apr 1846, Flintham, Nottingham
o: 19 Mar 1916, Nottingham

1861 Montebello, St. Georges Mount (age 10)
1871 Montebello, St. Georges Mount [unmarried, age 18]
1881 Montebello, St. Georges Mount [married, age 28]
1891  50 Blanheim House, Lodger, Eksdale, Cumberland (age 38)
1901 15 Hillside Road, Wallasey [widow, head of household, living on own means with son Charles A. and Freida E. (age 16) and 1 servant]

       Children of Edith Paulina Pickering and Arthur Myers
              Mary Ethel Myers
              Frederick Pickering Myers [emigrated to New Zealand]
              Charles Audrey Myers
              Hugh Martindale Myers
              Freida Elizabeth Myers

Pickering wedding invitation
Pickering/Myers Wedding Invitation at Montebello