Katherine Elizabeth Pickering and Robert Dawson Harling

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Robert Dawson Harling

Katherine Elizabeth Pickering
b: 19 Jan 1843, Liverpool, England
              Lived: St. Georges Mount, (Montebello)
              Lived 1911: 1 St James St, Chester (Widow, age 67) with son, James (age 47)
              m: 19 Jan 1871, New Brighton
              d: 8 Aug 1897, Millbrook, Hampshire, England (age 54)

                            m:  Dr. Robert Dawson HARLING
                            b: 1821, Chester
                            o: Medical Doctor
                            d: 1902 (Jan-Mar) South Stoneham, Hampshire (age 81)

              Children of Katherine Pickering and Robert Harling

                           James Dawson Harling

                            b: 1864 Chester
                            o: 1911 Painter House
                            lived 1911: 1 St James St, Chester (Single, age 47) living with Mother

                            Robert William Harling
                            c: 19 Jan 1872, Bryanston Square, St Mary, Westminster Borough
                            o: 1891, Student of Law, Cambridge (age 19)

Notes for Robert Dawson Harling

Robert Dawson Harling was at the First Examination for the Degree of M.B. in 1842 in Anatomy and Physiology £30 perannum, for two years.

1844: Robert Dawson Harling, was awarded University Medical Scholarship in Medicine, £50 per annum, tenable for two years. He graduaged from University College in 1849.

Robert Dawson Harling

1861: Commissions signed by the Lord Lieutenant of the County of Middlesex. "Robert Dawson Harling, M.D. to be Assistant Surgeon, vice Marshall resigned. Dated 4th February 1861.

1861: 1st Middlesex Artillery Volunteer Corps. "Assistant-Surgeon Robert Dawson Harling, M.D., to be Surgeon. Dated 14th March, 1861."

Notes for Katherine Pickering and R. W. Harling

Katherine was co-executor of her father's Last Will & Testament and inherited "one Ninth" of his estate. She was also present, with her husband at her father's funeral.

We can assume the family was gathered at Montebello in 1881 (see Census below) because of the death of Charles William Harrison Pickering in 1881. In the household there were also six servants: Cook, Housemaid, Waitress, Kitchenmaid, Nurse, and Groom.

Katherine was also executor of her brother, Eugene Haynes Pickering's Will 1895, Basset Hampshire, England along with Frederic North, Esq.

Spouse Notes: According to the distribution of the estate of Frederike Valentia Pickering [1859-1932], cash on account was paid to Coutts & Co. as Administratrix of R. W. Harling, deceased.

1871 Census - Seymour Street, St Marylebone
NameRelAgeBirth YearOccupationBorn
Robert Dawson Harling Head 50 1821 General Practitioner M.D. Chester
Katherine Elizabeth Wife 28 1843   Liverpool
Emily Anne Harling Sis 56 1815 Visitor Chester
William Gardner Serv 29 1842 Butler  
Eliza Barnes Serv 35 1836 Cook  
Sarah Byron Serv 29 1842 Housemaid  

1881 Census - St Georges Mount [death of CWHP]
NameRelAgeBirth YearStatusOccupationBorn
Elizabeth Pickering Head 65 1820 Widow Proprietor of House Chester
Charles W Pickering Son 39 1842 Mar American Land Owner (No occupation) Liverpool
Eugene H Pickering Son 36 1845 Mar No Occupation Liscard
Katherine Harling Dau 38 1843 Mar   Liverpool
Edith P Myers Dau 28 1853 Mar   Liscard
Frieda V Pickering Dau 22 1859 Single   Bonn, Ger.
S. E. Pickering Dau-in-Law 37 1844 Mar   Conock, Wiltshire
Eva G Pickering G-Dau 3 1878     Easton, Norfolk

1891 Census - Millbrook, North Stoneham, Hampshire, England
NameRelAgeBirth YearOccupationBorn
Robert D Harling Head 70 1821 Retired Physician Surgeon Chester
Katherine E Harling Wife 48 1843   Everton Liverpool
Robert W Harling Son 19 1872 Student of Law, Cambridge London, Middlesex
Catherine A. Harling Visitor 36 1855 Single Stowmarket, Suffolk
Kate E Fryer Servant 14 1877   Portswood Hampshire

1911 Census - 14 St. James St, Chester
NameRelAgeBirth YearStatusOccupationBorn
Katherine Harling Head 67 1844 Widow   Cheshire
James Harling Son 47 1864 Single Painter / House Chester