1742-1749 — Weaverham, St Mary

Parish Register of Baptisms and Marriages 1697-1799

Next I checked the burial(?) registers to see if John had any other siblings who died before they could be christened, noting all Pickering entries from 1743 to 1750:

1742(3) January 24          Joseph, son of John Pickering of Weverham
1743 August 18               Mary, wife of John Pickering junr of Weaverham
1743 September 12          Mary, daughter of John Pickering junr of Weaverham
1748 June 18                   William Pickering of Weaverham
1749 March 31                John Pickering of Crowton
1749 May 15                   Joseph Pickering of Crowton
1749 June 17                   [blank] Pickering of Crowton
1749 December 30          Martha, daughter of John Pickering of Weverham
1749(50) February 10      Eliz. Pickering of Crowton

1743 – Extract of the Bishops Transcripts for Weaverham, Cheshire
08 May 1743: John Pickering and Mary Manwaring, of Weaverham, married
The Manwaring family was living in Gorstage, Weaverham