Wedding Poem on Pink Satin Sash

from William Pickering to Friederika Carolina Amalia Steffens

Steffens back button

Wedding Sash Steffens

William Pickering and Carolina Steffens

Thanks to Rear Admiral D.M. Eckersley-Maslin for providing the photocopy of the Marriage Sash

Herrn William Pickering
Demoiselle Friedr. Carol. Steffens
Danzig, 16, Juli 1812

Pardon, that to the joy of today
this offering of muse is made
which for the just married
devotes pious wishes from the heaven.
Despite the value of this offering is small
let it be trusted to your love.

Today the silently embedded ceremony of love
merges for a distant future
two beloved hearts
for a band of dear family life.
With friendly education
the joy will even become more beautiful.

The ruling of destiny is interlaced
and covers the future with a viel
but love will maintain the joy
and satisfy the boldest longing.
In its fluctuating way
it should always friendly approach you.

In the sweet company of love
enjoy the link of your true union
which has been consecrated by the celebration to today
to bear the destiny together.
Until the distant aim of life
you shall pick up many beautiful flowers.

Far away from your beloved
remind happy the past
and every now and then
keep me on your rememberance.
For you my beloved, my heart
binds forget-me-nots to a wreath.