William Pickering and Blanche Elizabeth Morrison, Liscard / Australia

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Cyril Morris Pickering Pickering wedding Cyril and Roy Pickering
Cyril Morrison Pickering
Cyril Morrison Pickering and Florence Jessie Pearce (born in London 1904) and her attendants who were her sisters. Left: Mary Lydia Pearce. Right: Grace Lilian Pearce. Photo taken on their wedding day, July 24 1926, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Cyril Morrison Pickering and two of his brothers, Douglas and Ted meeting at Roma St Station, Brisbane on their return from WW II. (baby unknown)

       William Pickering

            b: 8 Sep 1850, Withenfield House, Liscard, Eng
            o: Merchant (age 22)  
            m: 10 Oct 1872, Liverpool St Simon
            d: 2 Oct 1891 St Leonards, New South Wales, AU (age 41)

                      + Blanche Elizabeth Morrison
                             b: 5 Dec 1855, Port Adelaide, South Australia
                                 father: Charles Henry Morrison, Merchant
                                 mother: Harriet Penney

            Lived: 1861, St. Georges Mount, Liscard (age 11)
            Lived: 1871, St. Georges Mount, Liscard (age 20)

William Pickeirng and Blanche Morrison Marriage of William Pickering and Blanche Elizabeth Morrison
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            Descendants of William Pickering and Blanche Elizabeth Morrison

                       1.1 Elizabeth Blanche Pickering

                       1.2 Roy Pickering
                             b: abt 1873
                             Emigrated to Australia in late 1890’s with brother Charles
                             o: Owner of Seed Grain Business / Plant Nursery, Toowoomba

6 Dec 1916, Sydney Morning Herald
     "WOUNDED. Corporal Roy Pickering, younger son of Mrs. B. E. Pickering, of Musgrave Street. Motorman, was severely wounded in France on November 13, and is now in Cheltenham Voluntary Aid Detachment Hospotal, London."

Charles Morrison Pickering
Charles Morrison Pickering
                       1.3 Charles Morrison Pickering
                             b: 1875, St Albans, Hartford, England
                             Emigrated to Australia in late 1890’s with brother Roy
                             o: Motorman for Brisbane Tramways
                             1914 – enlisted for service in Australian Army (age 39)
                             1917 – went to France
                             1919 – discharged from service (age 44)
                             o: Owner of Dairy Farm at the Gap, Brisbane
                             m:  27 Feb 1900, Bowen, Queensland  
                             d: 18 July 1940, AUS (age 65)
                             b: 19 July 1940, Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane

                 + Mary Ann Haworth b: abt 1880, South Brisbane, AUS

29 Oct 1929, The Brisbane Courier
SUMMONS COURT — In the Summons Court, Mr. A P_. W. Tregear, P.M. fined Charles Morrison Pickering, The Gap, Ashgrove £10, with £1.4.6 costs. for having sold mile that had 12.7 percent of added water.

30 Sep 1936, The Courier-Mail, Brisbane
PERTETUAL LEASES — The Secretary for Public Lands, as mortagagee in possession (Charles Morrison Pickering), 8 acres, at Enoggera £9/14/ per acre, which was the previous valuation, and that of the Crown. The lesee's valuation was £7.

19 Jul 1940, The Courier-Mail, Brisbane

FUNERAL NOTICES — Mr. Charles Morrison PICKERING, Lovekin Street, Ashgrove — The Officers and Members of the Incapacitated Sub-branch, R.S.S.I.L.A., are requested to attend the Fundral of their late Member, Charles Morrison Pickering (ANZAC, late 7th Btln., 3rd Brigade, A.I.F. South African Veteran, to leave the Parlour, 400 Wickham Street, the Valley. This (Friday) Morning, at 11:30 o'clock for interment in the Toowong Cemetery, arriving 11:55.

19 Jul 1940, The Courier-Mail, Brisbane
FUNERAL NOTICES — Mr. Charles Morrison Pickering, Lovekin Street, Ashgrove — The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. M. A. Pickering and Family, of Lovekin Street, Ashgrove, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Pickering, Mr. and Mrs. H. Pickering, Mr. and Mrs. L Pickering, Mr and Mrs., R. K. Pickering ... and Norman Douglas Pickering, on active service abroad, are invited to attend the Funeral of her beloved Husband, and their Father, Father-in-law, and Grandfather, Charles Morrison Pickering ..."
Children of Charles Morrison Pickering and Mary Ann Haworth

                                            1.3.1 Charles William Robert Pickering
b: 8 July 1900, Queensland
                                                    lived: 1925 Queensland, Soldiers' Settlement, Enoggera, Farmer

                                            1.3.2 Roy Clifford Pickering
                                                    b: 20 April 1902, Queensland
                                                    d: 7 Nov 1914, Queensland (age 12)

                                            1.3.3 Cyril Morrison Pickering
                                                    b: 1904, Paddington Brisbane
                                                    lived: 1925 Queensland, Soldiers' The Gap, Ashgrove, Mtr Drvr
                                                    m: 24 Jul 1926 Brisbane, Queensland
                                                    29 May 1940 enlisted in Australian Military Forces WWII
                                                    6 Jan 1944 discharged from Service (age 40)
                                                    o: Owner various businesses: Guest Houses,
                                                    Pineapple Farm, Service Station and Real Estate Agencies
                                                    d: 1991 (age 87)
                                                           + Florence Jessca Pearce b: 1904 Islington, London

15 July 1931, The Brisbane Courier FOR BRAVERY — Queensland Recipients, Certificates of merit: Cyril Morrison Pickering ...

                                                        Cyril Charles Pickering (only child)
                                                                 b: Apr 1927
                                                                 o: 1942 – Apprenticeship as Letterpress Machinist
                                                                 o: Shareholder in company – Downs Printing Co.
                                                                 m: 1955 + Norma Wirth b: Armidale, NSW
                                                                John Charles Pickeirng b: 1956
                                                                                 – two daughters
                                                                Deborah Anne Pickeirng b: 1957
                                                                                 – had daughter and two sons
                                                                Glen Robert Pickering b: 1960
                                                                                 - had son and daughter

                                            1.3.4 Robert Keith Pickering
                                                    b: 12 July 1906, Queensland
                                                    m: 10 Feb 1934, Queensland (age 28)
                                                    lived 1936: Knowles St., Babinda - Occ: Police Constable
                                                    lived 1943: Ross St., Queensland - Occ: Police Constable
                                                    lived 1954-1968: 122 Fuller St., Queensland - Occ: Sgt. of Police
                                                             + Violet Louisa Tillack  

                                            1.3.5 Harold Reginald Pickering b: 9 Nov 1907
                                            1.3.6 Leslie Pickering b: 10 Aug 1910, Queensland
                                            1.3.7 Dawn Pickering b: abt 1912

                       1.4 Elizabeth Blanche Pickering

                       1.5 Katharine Pickering

                             b: abt 1877
                             m: 1919 St Leonards, New South Wales, AU (age 42)
                                  + Thomas Cooksey b: abt 1870

                       1.6 Mable Clara Pickering

                             b: abt 1878
                             lived: 1933, 89 Raglan St, Warringah - Living with Blanche at same address
                             d: 1936, Mosman Bay, New South Wales, AU (age 58)

                       1.7 Elizabeth E. Pickering
b: abt 1879

In April, 2001 I was contacted by a descendant of William Pickering, Cyril Charles Pickering. Cyril's ancestors immigrated to Australia and I would like to thank him for sending me his family history and the photographs on this page.

Family History

by Cyril Charles Pickering

Charles Morrison Pickering [son of William Pickering] and his brother Roy migrated to Australia in the late 1890’s.

He married Mary Anne Howarth and had six sons and a daughter. He worked as a motorman for Brisbane Tramways, when in August 1914 he enlisted for service in the Australian Army. He embarked for Alexandria, North Africa and then in November 1915 for Gallipoli. He was transferred as a Staff Sergeant to the Western Front in France in April 1917 and subsequently returned to Australia in March 1919, and was discharged from the Army in June 1919.

Charles eventually owned a Dairy Farm at the Gap, Brisbane, which he worked with the help of some of his sons. A dairy farm in those days consisted of milking by hand twice a day, loading the milk into a van and delivering it to your customers (no middle man).

All the necessary feed for the cows was grown on the farm.

I have very fond memories of spending many school vacations on the farm with my Grandfather, whom I considered a very warm and caring person.

I lost track of Roy Pickering until he turned up in Toowoomba (where I reside). He owned a Seed Grain Business, which he expanded into a plant nursery.

My father, Cyril Morrison Pickering married in 1926 and worked as a motor mechanic and a waterside worker. While working on the waterside he rescued a seaman from drowning and was awarded a Certificate of Merit from The Royal Humane Society of Australia in 1930. Unfortunately my parents parted when I was very young and I was the only bi-product of this marriage. I lived with my mother and did not have a lot to do with my father until after I was married and had a family.

He enlisted in the Australian Military Forces on 29th May 1940, with two of his brothers, in World War II. He served in Palestine, Libya, Syria and Egypt from Oct, 1940 to Nov, 1942 and then from Oct, 1942 to Nov, 1943 in New Guinea.

After his discharge on 6th January 1944 from the Army he owned quite a range of business such as Guest Houses, Pineapple Farm, Service Station and Real Estate Agencies until his death in 1990.

I was born in Brisbane in April 1927 and came to live in Toowoomba at a very young age and completed my education there. At the age of 15, I commenced an apprenticeship as a Letterpress Machinist (Commercial Printing) and eventually became Pressroom foreman of Downs Printing Co. I then graduated to Production Manager and became a Shareholder in the Company. In 1954 I met Norma Wirth, a young lady who had moved to Toowoomba from Armidale, NSW and we were married in 1955. Three children resulted from this marriage: John was born in 1956 and he had two daughters and a stepson: Deborah was born in 1957 and had a daughter and two sons: Glenn was born in 1960 and had a son and a daughter.

1851 Census - Withenfield house, Liscard [partial listing] son of CWHP and Elizabeth Pickering
NameRelAgeBirth YearStatusOccupationBorn
William Pickering son 6 mos 1851     Liscard

1871 Census - Montebello, St. Georges Mount, Liscard son of CWHP and Elizabeth Pickering
William Pickering son 20 1851 Unm None Listed Liscard

Charles Morrison Pickering Boer War