Elizabeth Catherine Pickering

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Elizabeth Catherine Pickeirng Elizabeth Catherine Pickering
b: 6 Nov 1885 Junction City KS
o: Registered Nurse
d: Dec 1967 (age 82)
b: Newtown Cemetery, Newtown, Bucks County, PA

lived: 1910 507 East Montgomery Avenue, North Wales, PA (age 24)
1917 Opened the maternity ward at German Hospital, now Lankanau Hospital in Philadelphia
1918 26 Sep: made Passport application
1918 departed from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and
1918 3 Nov: arrived in Bristol, England aboard the Cunard steamship, "Karmala" (age 33)
lived: 1918 60th Street West Philadelphia (age 33)
lived: 1930 The Lankanau Hospital, Philadelphia PA, Staff member (age 44)
        Never Married

Passport description: Ht- 5.4", high forehead, grey eyes, straight nose, fair complexion, brown hair, round chin, mouth: regular.

About Lankenau Hospital
Lankenau Hospital was founded in 1860 as the "German Hospital of Philadelphia" located on Morris Street in North Philadelphia. In 1917, many German institutions took new names with the entry of the United States into World War I. The hospital renamed itself "Lankenau Hospital" after John D. Lankenau, a successful German-born Philadelphia businessman who was one of the first supporters and leaders of the Hospital.

The Lankenau Hospital began its long existence in 1860, when the German Hospital of the City of Philadelphia was incorporated. The hospital did not open its doors to the public until 1866, as its original building was commandeered by the United States government for use in treating wounded Civil War soldiers during the years 1862-1866.

After relocating to larger facilities at Girard and Corinthian Avenues in North Philadelphia, Lankenau moved to Wynnewood in the "Main Line" region of the suburbs in December 1953. Its new location was the former site of the Overbrook Country Club and golf course. Since then, the Hospital has continued to grow, along with its community. Today, Lankenau Medical Center serves southeastern Pennsylvania by offering a wide variety of primary and specialty clinical services, residency and fellowship programs, and research programs emphasizing cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Contributor of photos: Betty Lou Brett, descendant of William Harrison Pickering and Clara Field of Sommerville, NJ