Elizabeth Catherine Walker Pickering [1820-1895]

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Elizabeth Pickering
The photo of Elizabeth [ed: my GGGrandmother] standing was taken at about age 21. The photo of Elizabeth dressed as Lady in Waiting for Queen Victoria (second from right) was contributed by Jeff Tozier of Pleasanton, CA. The photo of Elizabeth sewing and the photo shown on the far left were handed down through my family.

Jeff Tozier writes . . . "My grandmother left my father (and then, in turn, me) many family memories and artifacts. Among them are pictures of Pickerings that go back to an undated picture of Mrs. Charles Wm. Pickering. This is a seated photo of her taken at Montebello in a dress she supposedly wore as a Lady in Waiting to the court of Queen Victoria."

St Hilary Wallasey

Elizabeth Catherine Walker Pickering
b: 24 Jul 1819, Chester, Cheshire
c: 19 Aug 1819, St Oswald, Chester
m: 15 Oct 1840, St John, Great Boughton (age 21)
d: 02 Apr 1895, Liscard (age 76)
b: St. Hiliary Churchyard, Wallasey, Cheshire

Obiturary 1895 [click here to read]

Mother: Catharine Lightfoot
Father: Thomas Walker of Flookersbrook
Father Occupation: Tanner
Lived: St Oswald Parish, Chester

Children of Thomas WALKER and Catharine, of Flookersbrook, Tanner

Alice Walker, b: 28 Feb 1815, c: 24 May 1820
            Charles Walker,
b: 8 June 1817, c: 29 July 1817
            Elizabeth Walker
, b: 24 Jul 1819, c: 19 Aug 1819, st Oswald's, Chester
            Thomas Walker, Innkeeper, Chester
            Anne Walker, married John James Esq, surgeon of London* at Wallasey

Elizabeth Walker baptize
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