Eugene Haynes Pickering of Liscard

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b: 21 Aug 1844, Liscard
c: 15 Oct 1844, St. John, Liscard
m: Jul 1867 (age 23), Devizes, Wiltshire
o: Cotton Broker (age 26) 
d: 27 June 1891, East Dereham, Norfolk (age 47) 
b: 30 June 1891, East Dereham Cemetery, Norfolk County

lived: 1861 Liscard, Cheshire
lived: 1871 Claughton With Grange, Cheshire
lived: 1881 Liscard Cheshire
lived: 1891 East Dereham, Norfolk

               + Sophia Ellen Tinker
               c: 9 Apr 1844, Chirton, Wiltshire
               d: 1885 Devon, England
                              father: William Tinker; mother: Jane Gilbert

Children of Eugene H Pickering and Sophia Tinker

                 Ernest William Pickering
                             b: 1868 Apr, Bidston, Liscard, Calughton with Grange
                             o: Capt 3rd Welsh Reg., Feilding, NZ
                             d: 21 Dec 1893, Feilding, NZ (age 21)

                 Frederick Eugene Pickeirng 
                              b: 1870, Liverpool
                             d: 26 AUG 1941 in Hastings Hosp. Napier, NZ (age 71)

                 Jane Eleanor PICKERING  
                             b: Abt. 1875 
                             d: 1904 New Brighton, England (age 71)

                  Eva Gertrude Pickering
                             b: 1876, Easton, Norfolk, England
                             m: 23 Feb 1897 in Feilding, NZ
                             ++ Bertram Anderson Beattie 
                                               Bertram O. Beattie b: 1898, New Zealand - d: 2 Oct 1018 France
                                               James Beattie b: 1901, Feilding + Joan Elliott
                                               Lorna Beattie b: 1903, Feilding, NZ
                                                      + Ronald Alwyn Richter (1910)
                                                      ++ Donald Morrison (1923), Kohuratahi, NZ 

In 1891 Eugene Haynes Pickering was a widow and listed as a Boarder, Living on own means. He was there with a VISITOR, Ernest William Pickering, single age 22 also "Living on own means". Since his son's name was also Ernest William Pickering we might assume this was his son.

According to the disposition of the estate of F.V. Pickering [1859-1932], the heir of his estate was Eva Gertrude Morrison.

1844 – Liscard born
– Liscard (age 6)
1868 – Bidston, Liscard, Claughton with Grange – birth of son Ernest W.(age 2)
1869 –  He worked with his brother Eugene owned a brokerage firm named Pearce,
               Henry and Pickering, at 3 Rumford Street, Rumford, England.(age24)
1870 – Birth of son, Frederick E Pickering
– Birkenhead, Liscard England (age 26)
1881 – He attended funeral of his father, CWHP and he was trustee to his father's Will.
1881 – St. Georges Mount, England (age 36, married)
1885 – Wife, Mary Ellen Tinker died, Devon
1891 – 11 Park Road, East Dereham (age 46, widow)
1891 – died in Norfolk, England (age 46)
Notes for Eugene Haynes: 

Eugene Haynes Pickering of East Dereham Norfolk died 27 June 1891 Administration (Limited) London 18 September to Benjamin Herbert Vores solicitor. Effects £2165 Former grant Norwich March 1897. Source: England & Wales, National Probate Calender 1858-1966 

Probate: 25 Mar 1897, Norwich, to Harry Wilson Benson gentleman, Effects £3063
Certificate of Death: Declaration of identity by Henry L. Higgins

1861 Census - St Georges Mount [partial list of occupants]

NameRelAgeBirth YearStatusOccupationBorn
Eugene HaynesPickering Son 16 1845 M Scholar Liscard

1871 Census - Shrewsbury Road, Claughton with Grange Twp, Birkenhead
NameRelAgeBirth YearStatusOccupationBorn
Eugene HaynesPickering Head 26 1845 Mar Cotton Broker Liscard
Sophia E. Wife 27 1846 Mar   Devizes
Ernest W. Pickering Son 2 1878     Liverpool
Frederick E. Pickering Son 9mos 1870     Liverpool
This household also had 3 servants: Nurse, Waitress and Cook.

1881 Census - St Georges Mount [partial list of occupants]
NameRelAgeBirth YearStatusOccupationBorn
Eugene HaynesPickering Son 36 1845 Mar None Listed Liscard
S.E. Pickering (Sophia Ellen) Dau-in-Law 37 1846 Mar   ?
Eva G Pickering G-dau 3 1878     Norfolk Easton

1891 Census - 11 Park Road, East Dereham [partial list of occupants]
NameRelAgeBirth YearStatusOccupationBorn
Eugene HaynesPickering Boarder 45 1845 Wid Living on own means Liscard
Ernest Williams Pickering Visitor (son) 22 1869 Unm Living on own means Huyton, Lancs.

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