David Alexander German and Maragrette Sterling of Newtown, PA

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David German and Margaret Sterling German graves in Newtown PA
The above monument for David Alexander German and Margaret Sterling German was erected by their daughter in 1878. It was made by Paxon, Comfort & Co. of Philadelphia. Four symbols are found on the monument: a ship's Anchor indicates a mariner; Christian symbol of a cross inside a crown represents suffering (the cross) followed by eternal reward (the crown); a wreath indicates victory in death; and, ivy means friendship and immortality.

David Alexander German (St. Germaine)
b: 1 Sep 1794 Pennsylvania
m: abt. 1811 Newtown PA (age 17)
d: 5 Aug 1849 Newtown PA
b: Newtown Cemertery, Bucks Co., PA (age 55, 11 mos, 5 days)

      + Margaret Sterling
      b: 16 Jan 1794 Newtown, PA
      d: 18 Feb 1877 Hunterdon Co., NJ
      b: Newtown Cemetery, Bucks Co. PA (age 82, 11 mos, 2 days)

Descendants of David German and Margaret Sterling

1. Sarah German b: 31 Oct 1812 d: 1 Apr 1891, Newtown (age 79)
      + Jeremiah Smith
1. Napoleon Bonepart German b: 22 Dec 1814, Newtown, Bucks Co., PA
      + Sarah Furman Buchanan
            2. Eveline Estell German Curtis b: 26 Jul 1851 Delaware Twp, Hunterdon Co. NJ
1. John German b: 19 Mar 1819 Newtown PA d: 10 Nov 1893 b: Mt. Hope Cemetery, NJ
      + Elizabeth Louise Paige
            2. Charles German
            2. Joseph Stephen German
            2. Annie German
            2. Franklin German
            2. John German
1. Benjamin Franklin German b: 1830 d: 17 Nov 1890 Newtown PA
      + Sarah Ann Buchanan
            2. Cornelius German b: 1847
            2. John b: 1848
            2. James German b: 1856
            2. Annie German
            2. George German
1. Eveleen German b: 1830 d: 17 Nov 1890 Newtown PA
      + Yardley Reeder (no children)
1. Emilie Elizabeth (St. Germain) b: 1835 PA d: 19 Feb 1904 Newtown PA
      + John Lewis DeMar
            2. Benjamin Franklin DeMar b: 1857 d: 1933 Newtown PA
            2. Emilie E. DeMar b: 1860
            2. Evaline Estelle DeMar b: 1862 d: 1959
                  + Alexander John Pickering b: Cheshire, England
                        3. Edith Evelyn Pickering b: 1884, Junction City KS d. 13 Sep 1968 Woodbury NJ
                        3. Elizabeth (Bess) Catherine Pickering b: 6 Nov 1885 KS d: 1967 (never married)
                        3. Arthur John Pickering, Sr. b: 19 Jul 1888 KS d: 19 Jun 1953 PA
                        3. William Harrison Pickering, b: 15 Mar 1891 KS d: 25 Nov 1963 NJ
                        3. Emily Friederica Pickering b: 4 Mar 1893, Phila. PA
                        3. Frances Louisa Pickering b: 17 Aug 1897 PA d: Mar 1979 (Never Married)          
            2. John Lewis DeMar, Jr. b: 1865 d: 1900 Newtown PA
            2. Edwin B. DeMar b: 1867 d: 1920 Newtown PA
            2. Alexander German DeMar b: 1869 d: 1938 Newtown, PA
            2. Caroline DeMar b: 1827 d: 1963 Philadelphia, PA
            2. Alfred Lafayette DeMar b: 1877 d: 1935 Newtown, PA

Information was passed down through the generations says that the first German family arrivals in North America were two brothers who came from France. One brother settled in Maryland and the other in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. Additional verbal information is that the name was originally St. Germaine. Kathie Kirkpatrick (see below) feels that here may be some truth to this as distant cousins have the same information. If true, at some point the name was anglicized to German.

1870 Newtown Borough, Newtown PA
Name Relationship to Head Age Born Occupation Where Born
John L DeMar Head 41 1829 Carpenter Maryland
Wife and 6 Children
Margaret German M-in-Law 76 1794 none Penna

1834-1836 - Northampton, Bucks County, PA: Tax Records - David Jarman

7 Generations German to Pickering Genealogy

David Alexander German + Margarette Sterling
      Dau: Emilie Elizabeth German + John Lewis DeMar
            Dau: Evaline Estelle DeMar + Alexander John Pickering
                  Son: Arthur John Pickering + Miriam Meyers
                        Son: Arthur John Pickering, Jr. + Louies W. Mefford
                              Dau: Constance Louise Pickering (me)
                                    Son: Aaron Douglas Kellner

Researchers: Kathie Kirkpatrick, 8 Aug 2006, descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte German (through Curtis / Walker / Shotton)