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Welcome to the history of the Pickering family of Cheshire UK

This has been a very long journey – it’s taken me almost 50 years to get to the point where I felt I was ready to begin to tell the story of a remarkable family, of which I am a descendant.
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Quick Links

Our Pickering family comes from a very long line of Merchants, Mill owners, and shippers. Here are a few quick links to the descendants of our Pickering family:
• John Pickering
(1744 Bradley-1814 Frodsham), Corn Merchant
Thomas Pickering (John's first son) (1765 Runcorn - 1814), Miller
Samuel Pickering (John's second son) (1766 Sutton - 1811 Sutton), Miller at Sutton Mill
John Pickering (John's third son) (1774 Northwich - 1848 Philadelphia) Corn and General Merchant
William Pickering (John's sixth son) (1782 Bradley-1782) Merchant and Counsulate to Mecklenburg, Prussia
Peter Pickering (John's seventh son) (1785 Sutton Mills - 1855 Danzig, Prussia) Merchant

Souder Meyers Fluck

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CLICK HERE for link to a family tree chart of our Franconian, Pennsylvania family.

flying scud
Read about the "Flying Scud", the "Cestrian", and the Pickering family connection. Click image for larger version.

Family Crest Ring and Aunt Louisa

Louisa Pickering
In 1973 my sisters and I visited an "old maid great aunt" (as she was known by the family) who was living in a nursing home in Philadelphia. Aunt Louisa Pickering [1897-1979] related stories of her childhood and memories of her grandmothers, Elizabeth Walker Pickering and Margarette Sterling DeMar.

Elizabeth traveled in heady upper-class circles and Louisa remembered seeing some of her ball gowns ...
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Letter from Ina Friling

"Through your internet page I was very happy to find out that we have some ancestors in common, back in the 1780's.Your ancestor William Pickering (born 1782) had a younger brother Peter, he was born on 27 July 1785 in Aston, Sutton, Chester and he died 12 June 1865 in Wonneberg, Danzig, Germany.

The Pickering Familiy in those days were merchants and they had good connections to the Steffens ...
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Family Trees

Family trees are fascinating, complicated, informative, sometimes beautiful, and often wrong. It’s always exciting to discover a new family tree that has been handed down through the generations, but I have learned the hard way not to take them at face value. When a fifth cousin once removed sends you a family tree that was written by who-knows-who, just be careful ...
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Facebook conversaton


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Three generations in 1840.

Family Tree Video Films
Enjoy visual and audio journeys through our family's history.
Family Tree Family Tree to our ancestors of Cheshire, England from Peter Pickering born about 1580
Pickering Coat of Arms Our family Coat of Arms and crest can be found in the home of many of our cousins around the world.
William Pickering William Pickering (1782-1855) and Fredereka Steffens (1790-1864)
Carl Steffens The Steffens / Pickering connection from Prussia
Peter Pickering Our German cousins offer a wealth of family photos and valuable information about our ancestors and the descendants of Peter Pickering
Peters Journal Read this incredible journal written by Peter Pickering ca. 1810!
Charles William Harrison Pickering Read about the CWH Pickering connection to the Schroeder Bank, one of the most influential banks in the world during the 1800's.
Elizabeth Walker Pickering The descendants of Charles William Harrison Pickering (1816-1881) and Elizabeth Caroline Walker (1819-1895)
Montebello Montebello, the estate of CWH Pickering and Elizabeth in Wallasey, Cheshire, Eng.
ink well The complete text of the 1881 Last Will and Testament of CWH Pickering
Pickering Ring Facts & Artifacts - Our ancestors have left us with many family treasures
Edith Paulina Pickering Our New Zealand and U.K. connection through the descendants of Edith Paulina Pickeirng and Rev. A. Myers
Australia The descendants of William Pickering of Australia
Transatlantic Cable Evidence of our ancestral involvement in financing the historical Trans Atlantic Cable.
Cestrian The Cestrian, formerly the Flying Scudd, plays its part in our family history.
Denbigh The fascinating story of the Denbigh, a Civil War gun-running ship owned by Pickering and Schroeder bank.
ship icon Artifacts from the life of Seaman, Charles W. Pickering, oldest son of CWH Pickering and Elizabeth
St Laurence Church St. Laurence Church, Frodsham Parish was central to the lives of many of our ancestors.
grave New research uncovers photo of ancestral graves in England
wedding sash Read a wedding poem written as a wedding gift by William Pickering to his bride Frederica Steffens